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Ricardo Gaitán

Publicista. Magister en Dirección de Marketing y Ventas, Escuela de Negocios de la Universidad de San Pablo, de Madrid, España. Mas de 25 años de experiencia como creativo en importantes agencias multinacionales como: JWT, Leo Burnett, Ted Bates, Young & Rubicam y Hoguín & Asociados. Analista de marca y columnista de varios medios.

Characteristics of a Product in the Sales Strategy

characteristics - características

This is the second part of two articles about the elements that constitute the physical characteristics of the product: Container, Packaging, Label and Wrap, and its importance in a sales strategy. The attributes of the product are not limited to its functional characteristics or its benefits. Both container and packaging …

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Strategies to Succeed With Your Product

producto - product

The product is the set of tangible and intangible attributes under a physical form that the consumer acquires to satisfy a specific need. In this first part of a series of two articles we focus on the importance of the physical attributes: Container, Package, Label and Wrap. The second aspect …

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The Values of a Brand Stay Lodged in The Mind

valores-marca-branding, values

Products don’t exist in empty spaces, they are bought because consumers find something in them that they value and relate to. The presentation of the packaging, the use of the logo, typography and color, are visual expressions that must be consistent with the benefits and values of the brand. According …

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The Slogan, A Powerful Audio Telegram

eslogan, slogan

In the world that live in, everyday more people are subjected to a bombardment of advertising messages through mass media and social networks, which communicate little because they do not offer anything interesting. For this reason, the use of slogans or short phrases has been generalized, with which it is …

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