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Product Showcase

On each print publication, we select an exclusive number of products that stand out due to their quality and high consumer demand, showcasing them in or ‘escaparate’ (cupboard) section.

Adams Chiclets: A Classic Chewing Gum Worth Trying

Adams Chiclets

The name ‘Chiclets’ originally comes from the Spanish word ‘chicle’ which means chewing gum. History The brand was created in the 1900s. After being acquired by several companies, in 2003 it was acquired by Cadbury Adams, a candy manufacturer, and by default it became part of Mondelez International company, the …

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Cameo Cookies Review: Creme Sandwich Cookies

What are Cameo cookies? Created in 1954 this ‘superior vanilla sandwich cookie’ with a ‘unique oval shape’ is a favorite of Puerto Rican people.  Every bite’s full of childhood memories. Its innovative ‘snack n seal’ packaging design delivers what every cookie consumer wants, freshness, re-sealability, and convenience. No trans fats. …

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