Tampico: A World Of Irresistible Fruit Juices AND Drinks

Tampico is a brand that does not need much presentation. This company has a wide variety of products that have flooded the world with flavors with their juices.

Not only is it one of the world leaders in the juice category market, but it has a portfolio of successful products.

Do you want to know more about Tampico? Discover its wide range of products and why it is an excellent product to sell in your store.


Tampico was founded in Chicago, wherein 1989, it introduced the drink to the market: Citrus Punch de Tampico, which had an excellent reception, which made the brand grow. By 1994 the company had introduced new flavors: mango, island, and tropical; they were all successful.

The brand has spread worldwide and is in more than 50 countries.


Why consume Tampico among all the beverage companies?

Tampico is committed to being a diverse and innovative team focused on creating and delivering delicious, unique, and high-quality products to its consumers around the world. Led by integrity and respect, they have grown the brand by exceeding consumer expectations and building mutually successful partnerships in a changing global environment.

This company also shares part of its profits to social programs that benefit everyone.


Here some of the most popular Tampico products.

Tampico Juice

Do you want juice or drink from an exotic fruit? The not only sells your typical orange juice but it also a wide range of flavored beverages including blue raspberry, mango, peach, lemonade and it also has delicious fruit combinations, such as:

  • Strawberry banana.
  • The Citrus punch: which combines the best citrus fruits to give you the characteristic and delicious flavor of this brand.
  • Tropical punch, a combination of delicious tropical fruits (orange, cherry, pineapple, and more).
  • Pineapple and coconut.
  • Kiwi and strawberry.
  • Island Punch a delicious drink with a banana, orange, and pineapple flavor.

Tampico Te

Among other drinks that characterize this brand is its tea, which comes with added flavors of peach and lemon, or a sugarless version. All are exquisite, ideal for cooling off in the summer and enjoy with the family during lunch.


Tampico’s zero line offers the same flavor as your traditional Tampico drinks but without sugars, so you can drinks delicious juices like mango flavor without feeling guilty.


Refresh yourself in summer with the best idea, a popsicle or freezer pops. They come in delicious flavors. You can also find jellies with the same flavors as the juices.

This beverage manufacturer has an extensive product portfolio, a global presence, and many consumers. This brand is an excellent ally if you are looking to supply your store with a well-known brand that sells.


If you want to sell or distribute Tampico juices or drinks in your store, contact them:

Phone: 1-877-826-7426
Website: www.tampico.com
Follow us: FacebookInstagram & Twitter


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