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5 Steps to Set Smart Objectives

Objetivos Smart, smart objectives

Something that most of the gurus seem to agree on is that the first step towards success is to have the correct definition of smart objectives. The question then arises: How to accomplish that? The word smart is an English word that means, “Intelligent and quick-witted” and reminds us of …

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6 Recommendations to Plan a Successful Sales Season

sales season-temporada de ofertas

The international consultancy company Analyticalways, which specializes in predictive analytics technologies for store inventory management, has produced a report with the keys to good store management in the sales season. “They are the times of the year in which stores play a large part of their turnover, especially fashion, jewelry …

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Immediate Goals for the Supermarket Chains’ Success


To improve and make effective the buying experience, consolidate a model of proximity and closeness, with multi channel strategies and a focus on people, is an immediate objective for supermarkets. This could be the summary of the greatest opportunities and objectives of supermarket chains in the new retail era, basically …

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