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Characteristics of a Product in the Sales Strategy

characteristics - características

This is the second part of two articles about the elements that constitute the physical characteristics of the product: Container, Packaging, Label and Wrap, and its importance in a sales strategy. The attributes of the product are not limited to its functional characteristics or its benefits. Both container and packaging …

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Strategies to Succeed With Your Product

producto - product

The product is the set of tangible and intangible attributes under a physical form that the consumer acquires to satisfy a specific need. In this first part of a series of two articles we focus on the importance of the physical attributes: Container, Package, Label and Wrap. The second aspect …

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Key Strategies to do Business With Supermarkets

to do business - negociar

Throughout the history of retail, there have been constant changes in the ways we have worked to negotiate products between retailers and suppliers-producers. Until practically the last decade of the 20th century, it was the suppliers who, in order to do business, imposed themselves with their commercial and price policies …

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Best Food Apps To Satisfy Any Food Craving

best food apps

Everything has gone mobile nowadays. In other words, phone applications have left no loose ends and have been responsible for helping us with many of the daily routines we do throughout the day, including the kitchen. Currently, there are many food applications, each with a specific objective. If you are …

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