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Best Food Apps To Satisfy Any Food Craving

best food apps

Everything has gone mobile nowadays. In other words, phone applications have left no loose ends and have been responsible for helping us with many of the daily routines we do throughout the day, including the kitchen. Currently, there are many food applications, each with a specific objective. If you are …

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Supermarkets “Express” for Hispanic Retail

supermercados express

We are experiencing a significant change in the supermarket sector and, without forgetting that the grocery stores big business is still in large shopping centers or malls, other formats are emerging that are more common in European supermarkets, the so-called “Express”. Already here in the United States we see “express” …

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Omnichannel Within The Hispanic Retailers

omnicanal - Hispanic retailers

We call omnichannel to the communication we establish with customers through all our platforms available to them: brick and mortar stores, online services, social networks…, therefore, the bigger we build that communication bridge between them, the greater our success as a company. If we compare ourselves with other sectors, Hispanic …

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