Kroger Launches App for Healthier Grocery Shopping


As the age of technology continues to dominate our world, it only continues to increase within the grocery industry. From cashier-less stores, in-store robots, online grocery shopping, online delivery options, apps and partnerships with delivery meal-kit companies, supermarkets are evolving to meet consumer trends. Among these competing players, which include …

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Del Monte Recall: Parasite Infects More than 200 People

Del Monte

More than 200 people have been infected by an intestinal parasite after eating vegetables from vegetable trays under the Del Monte brand name. The trays contain broccoli, cauliflower, celery sticks, carrots and dill dip and were distributed to Kwik Trip, Kwik Star, Demond’s, Sentry, Potash, Meehan’s, Country Market, FoodMax Supermarket …

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