The Beginning of the End for the Soda Tax?

sugary drinks, bebidas azucaradas

After an overwhelming majority of state legislators voted last week in favor of a bill banning local municipalities from taxing food, sugary beverages and gum, Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder will sign the bill this week. This will make Michigan the first state to ever ban a local tax on soft …

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Craft Food Rides the Wave of Popularity

Craft food, comida artesanal

The term “craft food,” sometimes referred to as artisanal food, is one commonly used and heard in the world of restaurants and millennials, but what exactly does it mean? Is it any new, uniquely made food or simply food made by hand? There is no singular way to describe craft …

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The Rise of Latino Food Culture in the U.S.

Latino food, comida hispana

Last week was National Taco Day and the Internet went crazy with expressing their love for tacos. Restaurants, fast-food chains, and shops jumped on taco deals, including non-exclusively Latino restaurants such as Red Robin, which created a new burger-taco mashup. There was a rise on social media of people posting …

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