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An expert in marketing and advertising, based in Austin, Texas. Juan's blog is an indispensable tool to learn more about the Hispanic market. John made his debut as a contributor to cope with two articles: in the first encouraged Hispanic entrepreneurs how to win the heart of your customers better positioning its products or services; in the second, written in English, John gives tips on how to better understand Hispanic consumers.

4 Ways Social Media Boosts Your Business

Social media is a very fashionable phrase these days. The term refers to information designed to be disseminated through social interaction. It is created using extremely accessible and large scale publishing techniques. Social media uses the technology available today to share opinions, knowledge, experiences and perspectives among people. We already …

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Hispanization: US Food Market is Wide Open


Everyone is aware of the tremendous growth of the US Hispanic population. For the sake of habit or nostalgia, Hispanics are looking for certain foods, personal care products, home cleaning products, clothing, and even information that will keep them close to their roots. The result is an entire industry that …

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Advertising: 8 Ways to Use the Power of Words

el poder de las palabras-power of words

The power of words and the advertising message The main objective of any advertising campaign is to capture the imagination of consumers through a more attractive thought than the one that is presently occupying his or her mind. That thought must then direct the consumer to take action. All this …

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Hispanics: 8 Variable Traits Among Latinos In The U.S.

Are you looking to learn about, Hispanic traits (Mexican traits) and Latino traits? Consider Alejandro and Fernando! Different Hispanic traits: 2 cases Alejandro Ramírez is 19 years Mexican-American and bilingual. However, he is much more proficient in English. He is a 2nd generation Mexican and was born in the U.S. …

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Lagniappe: Something Extra for Your Customer

Lagniappe, a word of French or Cajun origin, refers to that something extra that is unexpectedly received. The lagniappe establishes a closer relationship between the merchant and the customer. As the merchant, it shows that our intention is not only to serve, but to delight the customer during his or …

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Free Sample: Your Best Publicity

Compete with Big Businesses

You’ve experienced it hundreds of times firsthand. Food, beverages, cleaning products, office supplies and a wide variety of services — in each of these categories, at some point in your life you have been presented with an opportunity that is difficult to refuse: get a free sample without obligation. How …

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7 Strategies for Captivating the Consumer


The main objective of any advertising is to capture the imagination of the consumer. You actually have to introduce a thought that is more attractive than what is currently on the consumer’s mind. This is not an easy task to achieve given the large number of messages today that bombard …

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