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Alfonso Berthier

Alfonso is a Mexican businessman who is known for his ability to develop successful new projects, for more than 20 years. His specialty is technology applied to the marketing of the food industry. Alfonso is CEO of company focused on distributing food around the world.

Trends Created By The Internet


Now-a-days it is popular to see what’s “trending” during the week, that is, the 20 subjects that had greater relevance in social networks and of which the world talked about all the time. These trends are a great area of ​​opportunity to promote a brand or business, because if capitalizes …

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Digital Tribes Can Boost Your Business

Tribus Digitales

Digital tribes are the latest in online audiences or communities. Created by social networks and based on a common goal, these new tribes digitally socialize between members, share information and even compete with each other for the best digital territories. These global tribes are a key factor in the successful …

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