Three Important E-commerce Trends

Analyzing several publications that talk about the main e-commerce trends worldwide, there are three relevant and competitive points in almost all of them.

Let’s review these trends in e-commerce to establish if we have not yet implemented them in our brands or if we have already applied them; it is worth looking at them again to confirm if we are implementing them correctly.

1. Local products:

For consumers, it is increasingly important, through e-commerce, to have access to fresh, locally produced agricultural products, or to be guaranteed that access to these is at least in the same country.

Pride has been created in many U.S. states in having specialty lines, such as in Pennsylvania, where you can find more than 40 brands of cider made from the agricultural products of that region. Or products made with honey from Florida to cans of canned crab from Maryland or Tabasco-type sauces from Los Angeles. It is always noted that, by consuming these products, they help generate jobs in the community.

The advantage of these items is that they also have healthier profit margins and allow you to tell the consumer that their purchase has a sustainable social impact.

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2. Voice search:

The big trend in e-commerce is the use of the virtual voice assistant to perform searches through Siri on the iPhone or Alexa on Amazon. With this technology, the consumer can ask for a specific product, for example, “Siri, where do I buy X product?” or “Alexa, where do I get this brand?”

3. Payment plans:

This is something very new in the United States. On the contrary, in Latin America, this system of offering interest-free monthly payments using certain cards, such as VISA or MASTER CARD, has been used for some time now.

Now we find the innovation in the U.S., where stores or brands offer payment plans with automatic collection charging a particular interest, which, when making the sum, leaves profitability and takes advantage of the opportunity to retain the consumer or causes a call to purchase with payment facilities.

These payment plans have had an excellent reception among consumers and, above all, create long-term loyalty with the brand or the point of sale.

I believe that by innovating and executing any of these three pillars of e-commerce in the digital activities of our retail stores, we can have a breakthrough that is reflected in sales growth.