Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Experience

The new tools offered by artificial intelligence (AI) not only allow us to know the tastes of a current consumer but also open the door to finding better conditions that improve the customer experience throughout the value chain to purchase our products and services.

In business, we must understand that we do not sell a product or service. We sell an experience that is synthesized in a sale. As they say, people do not like being sold to, but they want to buy.

Given this expectation, artificial intelligence allows us to create scenarios close to a retail purchase but from a mobile platform. Although the space is reduced, our creativity in offering added value makes the difference in giving the consumer a plus and ensuring subsequent purchases rationally but with support in the experience.

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Most brands need to listen to their customers. They only rely on perceptions and rarely analyze the market and the actual needs their product or service is covering.

Artificial intelligence allows us to gather more information from the consumer and understand the factors that catapult the sale either by impulse or rational.

What I recommend can be done in the following way using AI to improve the online selling experience:

  • Minimize the number of steps to checkout as much as possible.
  • Offer as much product information as possible, either with text or preferably with short videos.
  • Always allow the consumer to contact the brand or give an incentive in exchange for their opinion.
  • Install a direct chat system that responds quickly to the most common consumer questions.

Artificial intelligence allows automation in all processes, resulting in personalized or customized purchases. At least in the consumer’s perception, this will be considered as such since all this information allows them to see that their experience was unique and projects the brand’s concern in meeting their needs.