Content + Education = Sales

Today, food and beverage brands have become complex and sophisticated in their applications and mode of use, both for the primary purpose they were created and for the hundreds of options they have. Therefore, nowadays, digital commerce platforms are demanding that brands have more content available for their consumers, such as nutritional information, certifications, and the benefits they represent.

The video is one of the best tools available today to meet these requirements, where an influencer, actor, or company member can clearly explain the benefits or applications in 45 seconds maximum.

The explanatory video has excellent advantages. It gives a sense of closeness to the consumer, helps to expose the benefits directly, and the best thing is that a small format does not exhaust the attention of consumers since today’s generations under 40 years are highly visual, read as little content as possible and expects concrete answers without much preamble to what they are looking for.

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Creating this type of content for our consumers generates a continuous education, gives them new horizons and reasons to buy that emotionally link the reaction or purchase stimulus, but above all, leaves the seed in the minds of our customers about the additional possibilities for the immediate future.

Let’s remember that the digital consumer is a fast responder. They have no time for exploration beyond what they are specifically looking for. They are looking for quality information, not quantity, and even better if this content is supported by other consumers who can give their opinion.

Having quality visual content today is exceptionally inexpensive. High-quality material can be created with smartphones that take high-definition videos and photographs that, together with the series of filters of the devices, allow you to enhance the projection you are looking for.

The three main points that an ideal video in 45 seconds format should have are:

  1. Introduction or brief greeting.
  2. Go straight to the point you want to promote.
  3. Always close with a thank you and an example of actual use.

Educating the customer generates impulse sales based on emotions.