Northgate Gonzalez Market Lauches New Marketing Campaign “What a Feeling”

Northgate Gonzalez Market launched its new multimedia ad campaign during the highly popular Latin Billboards show, presenting the grocery store’s authentic food, ingredients, and fresh offerings around the themes of sports, music, and the ever-so popular TV/binge-watching.

“We recognize that our customers are not all the same, each customer has a different shopping mission and each customer has their own passion points and stories, we recognize that there is a story behind every visit to our stores,” said Caro D’Antuono, vice president of Marketing for Northgate Gonzalez Market.

This was the inspiration and cultural insight used to create the “What a Feeling” ad campaign. The spots feature “What a Feeling,” a song from the 1983 major motion picture Flashdance with re-written lyrics to reflect the emotions being felt by the various characters in the commercials.  

The playful creative developed by Circus based in Santa Monica has several components from digital video ads, social media, radio and television.

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The TV commercial takes the viewer inside a Northgate Gonzalez Market to its popular guacamole station where the avocado dip is made fresh to order and cuts to a group of teens dancing at a concert while enjoying chips and guacamole.

The “What a Feeling” music plays in the background with its new lyrics. The commercial then cuts to the kitchen of a house and a man comes out with a tray of delicious food like chips and salsa, pan dulce, etc. He sings and dances as he walks toward the couch. The couple prep to sit down, binge-watch TV, and not move from their seats all while “What a Feeling” echoes in the background.

Founded in 1980 Northgate Gonzalez Market is an authentic, family-owned and operated Hispanic supermarket chain with 40 stores in Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego counties.

Headquartered in Anaheim, Calif., it maintains its cultural heritage by offering its customers the best quality and freshest foods and, personalized service. Northgate Market’s commitment to its communities is furthered by the González Reynoso Family Foundation by providing scholarships and assisting families in need.