Mexican Grocery Stores: Why to Shop In One And Tips

One main difference between shopping in a Mexican grocery store versus your traditional American grocery store is the variety of imported foods you will find there, and not only from Mexico but from all over Latin American.

These stores are a treat for Mexican food lovers. They are also great places to go and learn about Mexican food culture. These stores have also become extremely popular amongst the general public and are now widely available in many countries where Mexican food is loved, especially in the United States.

This article will give you an in-depth look at the most popular foodstuffs you can find at a Mexican Grocery store as well as help you understand Mexican cuisine and the culture a little bit better.

Best Mexican Products available in Mexican Grocery stores

There are many, good quality Mexican foods available in Mexican grocery stores. These products include sweets like Tamarind candy, hand-made tortillas, Mexican beer, and different brands of Mexican soft drinks, such as Jarritos, to name a few.

If you love meat, Mexican Grocery stores are the place for you. You will find all kinds of meat-cuts including thinly sliced meats and even a variety of sausages like chorizo.

In addition to cheap meat cuts, you will also find food that is already prepared and packed for you, which is extremely convenient, as you can pick up a package of your favorite Mexican food and take it home for a quick meal.

You can also get Masa Harina flour to make fresh tortillas at home, dried chile peppers that you can take home and use as garnishes or make a sauce, and different drink mixes that are available in the form of either powder or syrup, which by the way, are loved by guests at parties!

Furthermore, you will find delicious Mexican desserts that will make your mouth water. Examples of these desserts include bread rolls crusted in sweet cookie dough and different types of cookies. These desserts smell heavenly and promise a yummy and authentic Mexican food experience!

Mexican food is also famous for its tendency to be extremely spicy. Mexicans love their spices because it compliments their food and makes it even more delicious. Mexican spices you are expected to find in these stores include Jalapenos, Poblano, Serrano, and Chili, etc. These peppers can be bought fresh or preserved in cans.

You will also find several hot sauces and condiments that are not usually available in your regular, local grocery stores. They are typically made in Mexico and imported to the U.S. which gives them the authentic Mexican flavor. Mexican sauces and condiments can add so much flavor to your foods which is why we recommend you go to your nearest Mexican grocery store and get some today.

Benefits of buying products from Mexican Grocery stores

1. Healthy products that will make you feel stronger and more energetic

Mexican food is usually hand-made which means that there are no added preservatives and they are sold fresh. For instance, handmade tortillas are fresh and are available in different varieties including Whole Wheat tortillas, Flour tortillas, and even Corn tortillas.

The best Mexican products are also the healthiest, which makes Mexican food an excellent option for parents that are very particular about the kind of food they feed to their children and themselves.

2. Reasonable prices for good quality food

Mexican Grocery Stores have incredibly reasonable prices for all their products. A Mexican brand of hot sauce or peanut butter costs much less than their American counterparts.

In most cases, food items available at these stores are even cheaper than the foods available at regular grocery stores in the U.S. which is convenient if you are short on cash and want to buy something fulfilling and delicious.

3. Your kids will love the food from Mexican Grocery Stores

Mexican food has a unique flavor that kids tend to like, especially when it comes to their sweets and desserts. If you have a kid with a sweet tooth, then they will surely enjoy the extensive assortment of delicious cakes and pastries that are available at Mexican Grocery shops.

The different products you are most likely to find when shopping in the dessert aisle section include the sweet Mexican corn cake, churros, Sopapillas which are fried pastries, and the Tres Leches cake. All of these desserts taste just as good as they look. We guarantee your kids will love every bite of it.

Mexican candy is also extremely popular amongst kids. Mexicans are incredibly creative when making candy. The ingredients used in the production of their most popular candies will surprise you and your taste buds. Mexican Tamarind candy is a good example; It has a sweet and sour flavor that makes it a favorite amongst kids.

Tamarind is a type of tropical fruit used in many dishes around the world, and may even have medicinal properties. This fruit ingredient is commonly found in many Mexican candies which is why a good portion of the sweets you see in Mexican grocery stores tend to have a sour-sweet flavor.

Also, some Mexican candies will have chili powder in them, but you don’t have to worry, they are extremely popular and safe for kids.

Exploring A Mexican Grocery Store

Check out this great video to get a feel of the Mexican grocery store experience plus shopping tips.

The Best Mexican Grocery Stores In the U.S.

Are you wondering if there are any good Mexican stores near you? With the ongoing influx of mexicans who have immigrated to America, entrepreneurs in the Mexican community have set up many different businesses, including Mexican grocery stores.

Some of the most famous Mexican stores include:

Superior Grocers: Superior Grocers is one of the largest independently-owned chains of grocery stores in Southern California. With 38 stores and an estimated $1.2 billion annually, satisfied customers have given this Hispanic/Mexican Grocery store four stars on several reviews. You can always count on excellent value, variety, and quality when you shop at Superior Grocers. They offer high-quality Mexican bread, fruits, vegetables, meat and more. Even though they provide standard Mexican products every other Mexican store carries, they differentiate in terms of their quality and the freshness of their goods. They have a community of loyal customers.

Cardenas Market: This grocery store is one of the most popular Hispanic/Mexican groceries. Across various online review platforms, Cardenas Market averages 4.5 out of 5. With 29 stores and annual sales of approximately $830 million, customers highlight their incredible prices on produce, freshly made tortillas and excellent customer service. On its website, the company uses the slogan, “Cardenas: just like home.”

Northgate Gonzalez Markets: With 32 stores in the country and a volume estimated at $785 million a year, Northgate Gonzalez Markets is another popular grocery store that is enjoyed by millions of people. Online review platforms such as Yelp and Google Places give this store an average of 4.5 out of 5. Customers come here for their Cocina, Tortillerias, bakery, produce, amazing sweets and breads. Their website also provides shoppers “a homeland experience” and “quality you can count on.”

Vallarta Supermarkets: Vallarta Supermarkets has grown to a total of 50 stores throughout California They offers several departments including full and self service meat (Carniceria), wide variety of beef, pork, and chicken, freshly made Tortillas (Tortilleria), Mexican kitchen (Taqueria), Hot foods with in-store dining area, bakery (Panaderia), La Isla (The Island) where they have aguas frescas, ice cream, jugos, atoles y champurrados, specialty foods from Mexico, Central and South America & so much more. Vallarta averages 4 out of 5 on different online review platforms. Customers love the freshness of their produce which they find it to be of higher quality than in other stores. Customers also love their sweets and overall shopping experience.

Mexican grocery stores are surging everywhere in the U.S. Even though there are just a few dozen large Mexican, Hispanic grocery stores in the country, there are hundreds of medium and small grocery stores. Below, we’ll show you how to find one in your city.

How to Search for the best Mexican Grocery stores near you.

Mexican Grocery stores are now widely available in many countries. To search for the best grocery store near you, use the help of Google Maps, Yelp or any other store locator.

You can also type “Mexican Grocery Stores Near Ne” in the search engine of preference (such as Google), and it will instantly show you all the nearest stores that are open in your city.

The Best Online Mexican Grocery Stores

Technology has made everything accessible. And with the advent of online shopping, now it is easy to order your favorite Mexican goods from online Mexican grocery stores. Some of these online grocery stores include:

Alegro Foods

Alegro Foods, which is an online Mexican Food and Grocery Store that lets customers choose from a vast catalog of products and receive them in the comfort of their home. The site features free guidelines for distinguishing genuine Mexican food, and it also has an abundant list of free Recipes of Mexican food and desserts. was established to meet the needs of the mounting demand for online Mexican products and small Mexican grocery shops. It has rapidly become a prominent competitor in the Mexican food industry.


MexGrocer is a national bilingual operational grocery store for hard-to-find, non-perishable Mexican food. However, more products include household products, cooking tips, Mexican cookbooks, and religious goods.

They offer more than 3,000 specialty Mexican and Latin products from national and international leading brands. As of 2018, their products have sold in over 15,000 cities, in all 50 states of the U.S. and Washington D.C. MexGrocer was established in San Diego, California in early 2000.

Deli Mexico

Deli Mexico is an online Mexican grocery store based in The Netherlands and is primarily involved in the importing of rare authentic Mexican products such as food, recipes books, etc. The products offered include a variety of Mexican gluten-free corn tortillas, romeritos, ponche, verdolagas, chilorio and much more.

The idea of selling Mexican food came from the need to feel close to Mexican culture and the perceived lack of genuine Mexican ingredients to prepare authentic Mexican dishes.

Benefits of Shopping at Online Mexican Grocery Stores

Online stores like improves the shopping experience of Mexican groceries since you won’t have to drive to several stores in search of genuine Mexican food products that may or may not be on stock.

Online Mexican grocery stores have hundreds of Mexican products at your disposal on their website so you can shop from the conform of your home.

It also provides a solution to all amateur chefs looking for authentic Mexican food recipes, as well as Mexican cookbooks in both English and Spanish. This unique online store concept of Mexican goods store is accessible to everyone and is fast and reliable.

The selection of products offered by these online grocery stores provides a rich resource of authentic Mexican products for regular shoppers, Mexican chefs, Mexican restaurants, medium size Mexican grocery stores and other online re-seller stores since these online stores can now supply them with whatever they need.

These grocery stores have worked hard to accumulate an assortment of unique and exciting products and gifts that are exceptional compared to those of their competitors. They not only offer rare Mexican Food, but they also carry gift baskets, religious items, cooking utensils, and decorative salsa bowls. All of these products are transported straight to a customer’s door and can be bought at the same time; this is a considerable advantage for the customers.

Why are these stores a great addition to our markets?

Mexican Grocery stores are a great asset to the economy. They provide customers with cheap, reliable, and delicious food options. They also create a safe space for people of different cultures to mingle, connect, and learn about each other through food.

Also, they are familiar spaces for Mexican immigrants who live in different countries and want a taste of home. Mexican grocery stores provide fresh and high-quality products that are loved by kids and adults alike which is the reason why there are so many Mexican groceries popping up in different parts of the world! If you haven’t already given your nearest Mexican grocery store a try, then do it immediately! You won’t be disappointed!