McDonald’s Leaves Luis Fonsi Not Despacito, But Speechless

This month, McDonald’s recently launched its new Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder launch campaign ‘Speechless.’

The campaign features popular artists such as Luis Fonsi, Gabrielle Union, Charles Barkley and John Goodman. Abasto Magazine had the chance to speak with Latin pop star and star of the famous “Despacito song” Luis Fonsi about the Speechless campaign.

Fonsi playfully confessed to eating various Quarter Pounders throughout the commercial takes and that he had no problem doing so, saying that the new Quarter Pounder with fresh beef is that good.

According to McDonald’s, the Speechless campaign is focused on the consumer insight, that the best tasting burgers leave you speechless.

The campaign is a part of McDonald’s commitment to serve McDonald’s customers 100% fresh beef Quarter Pounders. The switch to 100% fresh beef is nationwide for McDonald’s and the burgers contain no additives or preservations.

“I am beyond happy to be a part of this campaign. I think it’s a very positive campaign. I loved the idea of this campaign on McDonald’s new Quarter Pounder with fresh beef, which is hotter, juicier and like the campaign says, will leave you speechless. As a communicator through melodies and words, I thought it was a beautiful ‘voice of the people’ kind of idea.”

Fonsi continued, saying he remembered going to McDonald’s with his family as a kid, eating all together and enjoying it as a family.

“I think that’s something that distinguishes Latinos, that we are very united very family-oriented and that’s why I feel very comfortable sending this positive message with McDonald’s to unite Latinos, to share this campaign, to let the world know that I am very happy to be a part it… I think this is what we all want, positive things to share with our families.”

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Luis Fonsi says Speechless campaign is positive

‘Speechless’ is a multi-platformed campaign that includes television appearances, social media, digital, mobile and radio. Fonsi has been a part of various commercials and told Abasto that it opens doors to continue to unite under a brand and campaign that is so great.

When Abasto asked Fonsi if he’d ever eaten something in his personal life that left him “speechless,” Fonsi laughed, saying that everyone has had that craving for a Quarter Pounder served hot and made the moment you order it.

“The truth is, I’m a communicator and a singer and my music is for all type of audiences. I am a father, a family man and carrying a good image is a big responsibility, not just for my personal brand, but for all Latinos in general. When we talk about McDonald’s, for me, that’s what I see in them. They have always done positive things for the community in general and especially for Latinos… I feel honored to be a part of this campaign, to share it with my Latino public and that they can enjoy something so delicious like this new Quarter Pounder. I hope to continue to surround myself with positive things and positive brands,” Fonsi told Abasto.

The 100% fresh beef Quarter Pounders are available in all participating U.S. restaurants.