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4 Ways Social Media Boosts Your Business

Social media is a very fashionable phrase these days. The term refers to information designed to be disseminated through social interaction. It is created using extremely accessible and large scale publishing techniques. Social media uses the technology available today to share opinions, knowledge, experiences and perspectives among people. We already …

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Does Your Business Need a Webpage?

“Webpage? I don’t use the Internet. My business gets along well enough with e-mail. My customers have never asked me if I have a webpage. I don’t even think about selling things online.” These are just some of the reasons why many business owners still hesitate to establish an Internet …

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Digital Revolution and the Hispanic Sector

Revolucion Digital

Over the past decade we have seen how the digital revolution has changed everyone’s life. Innovative technologies have impacted us from the way we communicate, to the way we inform, to the way we shop. According to Nielsen’s data, Latinos in the US have increased the use of Internet. Their …

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5 Secrets to Success on the Internet


1. Presence in the Search Engines 97% of consumers search for local products and services online before any other reference. Yet despite how incredible this figure may sound, more than half of small and medium businesses do not have an Internet page. New trends in digital marketing obligate entrepreneurs to …

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Social Media: 5 Marketing Advantages

Social Media

Social media is used by many companies to increase sales. However, after several months of effort without the expected results, a lot of companies become discouraged. But it hasn’t all been in vain. Although social networks are not a sales channel, they can boost sales if the strategy is well …

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5 Tips for Selling to Mom-millennials


The term ‘millennial generation’ that we have heard so frequently refers to those young people born between 1982 and 2002. This generation has represented a major challenge for brands, especially for the ethnic food industry within the American market. In fact, their consumption patterns are totally different from those of …

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Technology versus Insomnia

technology insomnia

Bed and other products manufacturers offer new solutions to an old problem. If you roll over on your bed all night because you are hot, anxious or uncomfortable, keep reading. Because of this, they are developing new ways to fight insomnia, including the recently introduced in the Real Estate Fair …

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