Covid-19 Transforms the Use of Technology

The coronavirus pandemic has placed health systems in a critical situation and exposed the social inequalities that exist in the world. How Covid-19 is transforming the use of technology in our business?

It has also had the power to generate political, economic, and social crises that will leave deep marks due to changes that are occurring in the forms of work, consumption, and human behavior.

Never before has humanity experienced a simultaneous global quarantine situation, much less thought that the establishment of a transitory state of emergency would be so rapid, forcing more than a third of humanity into mandatory confinement.

The Use of TECHNOLOGY during the Pandemic

This situation forced many companies to adopt other forms of work, it changes the use of technology. Using computers at home became “the perfect solution” to connect the quarantined worker with their job duties.

People are now using the internet to meet their own needs concerning consumption, entertainment, training, social activities, delivery services, and virtual classes for their children.

In the United States, as in other countries, telework is a modality that has been applied for more than two decades, in the development of professional activities, sale of goods and provision of services to third parties, among others, using technology as a support.

The pandemic crisis has highlighted the use of technology and the importance of remote working and other activities of people in quarantine.

“The coronavirus pandemic has been the biggest driver of global change for a long time, generating behavior changes among consumers. Industries will be forced to adapt, as we face a reality that requires flexibility, resilience, and, above all, creativity for individuals and companies alike ”, said Carla Buzasi, Managing Director of WGSN.

Now that the United States and other countries in America, Europe, and Asia are gradually lifting restrictions, social distancing will go on for longer, not only in the workplace but in other places such as restaurants, churches, universities, sports centers, theaters, transportation, etc.

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Because the crisis will persist for years to come, as long as we do not have the vaccine, today with the use of technology we enjoy digital connectivity, a resource that not only provides information and entertainment, but a pivotal ally to fulfill our obligations and work commitments, to survive this turbulent period.

Carla Buzasi in “Future consumer 2022” argues: “Once this crisis is over, we know that we will go to a different world, which means that the products and experiences that we are now proposing to create will also have to be different. In this scenario, it is more important than ever to understand what people will want to buy and how to create the right products. ”

Sooner rather than later, Covid-19 will be history, but the struggle that we have sustained will have repercussions in the immediate future. On the positive side, the same pandemic has forced us to look at other ways of running the economy for the benefit of all for a better future, where the use of technology is helping to close the gap.