Commercial Marketing Plan POST Covid-19

How to reconquer shelf space after the pandemic with a commercial marketing plan.

Today, more than ever, multiple restrictions have been implemented that have led many brands to despair and, in some cases, not knowing what to do.

This happens more if your brand or the industry in which you work operates outside the categories of beauty, hygiene, and cleanliness or tobacco, drinks, and food.

The million-dollar question would be if you are prepared to face the rest and/or the opportunities that are coming; it all depends on how you see it and how you create a commercial marketing plan.

Stores, and especially supermarkets, have placed restrictions on promoters and vendors, preventing marketing strategies from being carried out with the ease before Covid-19. This is why a commercial marketing plan could put you and your company at the forefront.

The Commercial Marketing Plan

Adaptation. We do not know yet what the outcome of all this will be; However, we know that the future will be new concerning our plans and the new normal.

Adaptation, as Darwin explained well, is the basis of survival. While you work from home, take the opportunity to restructure your marketing strategy and study your competition.

Get closer to your customers through phone calls, contact them through social networks like Facebook and Instagram, or instant messaging like WhatsApp; and investigate what changes there are in the industry to be able to take advantage of and invent a new reality of rapprochement and put yourself at the forefront.

Define the desired future. This stage includes a series of possibilities: the solutions will depend, to a large extent, on the reality of each person, industry, or company. A primary question to ask ourselves is: What could you do differently to guarantee sales, despite so many restrictions? It’s time to get creative, be flexible, and adapt to change.

What can you do to create value and offer new things to your customers and consumers?

Identify current needs according to constraints. It is time to reinvent yourself and to return to your clients with something new and different; something that is attractive enough, to do that, you need a commercial marketing plan.

However, remember that there is always the possibility that while you are preparing, your competition may also be doing it, so there is no time to waste. Hands-on action.

What are you waiting to revolutionize your brand, your industry, and reveal your true talents?

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Planning for the future is not an easy task, much less in uncertain times. Focus on your client and identify their needs.

There are three principles that I share with you that can help you focus:

  1. Remember what was the reason for starting your business, what was the purpose.
  2. What matters in your business now? What priorities are there, knowing that we cannot change the circumstances?
  3. Although it is impossible to know how much staff you will need, the culture is created by the decisions you make.

Train your team through a commercial marketing plan, keep them at the forefront and empower their capabilities; the collaborators and you with the most important thing. Successes!