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Juan Ramón (Jay) García

A specialist in sales of high-performance and career development. Juan is a speaker and trainer who has won the prize in "Excellence higher quotas for sales, management, training and equipment support and impetus to regional growth".

2018 SMART Goals: 5 Steps to Follow

objetivos smart-objectives, SMART goals

Let 2018 be the year defined by excellent planning and achievement of your SMART goals. Several years ago, working with colleagues in the Hispanic product distribution industry in the United States, we discussed the importance of the Smart Objectives approach in work and daily life. Today I apply them with …

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4 Tips to Promote And Develop Leadership

desarrollar el liderazgo-develop leadership

It is known that organizations function better when they promote and develop leadership and other skills to achieve the objectives and fulfill the mission. This is the secret to developing leadership that I have identified within the organizations I have been a part of. We start with defining the leader. “Leaders …

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5 Steps to Set Smart Objectives

Objetivos Smart, smart objectives

Something that most of the gurus seem to agree on is that the first step towards success is to have the correct definition of smart objectives. The question then arises: How to accomplish that? The word smart is an English word that means, “Intelligent and quick-witted” and reminds us of …

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