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Juan Ramón (Jay) García

A specialist in sales of high-performance and career development. Juan is a speaker and trainer who has won the prize in "Excellence higher quotas for sales, management, training and equipment support and impetus to regional growth".

5 Steps to Set Smart Objectives

Objetivos Smart, smart objectives

Something that most of the gurus seem to agree on is that the first step towards success is to have the correct definition of smart objectives. The question then arises: How to accomplish that? The word smart is an English word that means, “Intelligent and quick-witted” and reminds us of …

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10 Tips to motivate your employees

Employees are the most valuable resource in our companies. Keeping in mind that the workplace is our second home, it is our responsibility to provide our employees with a relatively harmonious atmosphere in the place where they spend most of their days. 10 suggestions to keep your employees motivated 1. …

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