Once Again, Grupo Padilla is at the Forefront: Acquires Blue Sky Retail Support!

As a grand culmination of Grupo Padilla’s 50th-anniversary celebration, the company finalized the acquisition of Bentonville, Arkansas-based Blue Sky Retail Support. The company offers more than 25 years of experience and work with Walmart in purchasing, sourcing, assortment, planning with full access and maintenance to more than 5,000 points of sale.

In early January, Grupo Padilla invited a select group of business partners, distributors, and chain and supermarket buyers to its headquarters in Eagle Pass, Texas. Together, they celebrated the company’s half-century of existence, as well as the acquisition of Blue Sky Retail Support (www.blueskyretail.com).

At the reunion, it became clear that the acquisition of Blue Sky Retail Support opens very important and promising doors for companies with products, goods, and services that want to have access and presence in big-box supermarkets such as Walmart and Sam’s. Blue Sky Retail Support offers a wide range of services such as strategic planning, category analysis, development and adaptation of packaging and new products, sales, market, and consumer trends.

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Talking with Victor Padilla Jr., he shared that “with this acquisition, Grupo Padilla and Blue Sky Retail Support are building a strategic and solid platform to accelerate the growth of national and international products and brands in their quest to conquer the racks.” He added, “We also have the support of our sister company, SPIN365, which provides business consulting, strategic marketing and development and execution of mass communication campaigns; among other professional services offered by the firm.”

With these assertions, Grupo Padilla and its subsidiaries Blue Sky Retail and SPIN365 put themselves at the forefront of the market by offering their products and services to those seeking a strategic partner with unique and tailored solutions.

When the announcement was made, partners and other guests at the event enthusiastically welcomed the news, which was indeed the highlight of Grupo Padilla’s fifty-year celebration.

The party was attended by influential food industry leaders such as Fernando Herrera of NESAM Sales & Marketing, Fabio Molina of CMC Sales & Marketing, Trey Sessions of Nora Foods, among others close to the family.  

Victor Padilla highlighted that “the actions taken by Grupo Padilla are an example of dynamism, innovation, and growth” and is convinced that Blue Sky Retail Support “brings together all the capabilities to serve brands and business partners, ensuring the finest quality standards.”