Padilla Import Sales and Marketing, 50 Years Strong and Growing

In 1972, Don Victor, a bright, hardworking, and determined young man, saw an opportunity to bring the flavors of Mexico to the United States. Starting with a small grocery store, he built an entire family of companies that work together and independently to service consumer packaged goods companies seeking sales and brand growth in the U.S. market and beyond.

Today, Padilla Import Sales and Marketing is led by Victor Padilla. He has leveraged the organization’s extensive knowledge of the majority and Hispanic markets to take the company to the next level.

With a team of experienced professionals, Padilla Import Sales and Marketing and its group of specialized sister companies provide an unmatched service covering all aspects of importing and selling products in the United States.

“Our integrated group of companies is uniquely qualified because of our in-depth knowledge of both the core U.S. market and the “invisible market,” i.e., the mainstream Hispanic market. We pride ourselves on having a firm grasp of how to successfully introduce new and old brands to the market, finding the right outlets, and having an excellent understanding of both consumer buying behavior and the needs of category managers and shoppers,” said Victor Padilla, CEO of the company.

The success and growth over the years can be attributed to their incredible team, strong industry knowledge, and expertise throughout the process, including importing, brand development, retail/food service, replenishment, logistics, consumer trends, and much more.

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Looking ahead, Padilla Import Sales and Marketing is excited to expand and offer both its current services and its newest innovations to established and new companies. 

This 50-year journey from pioneer to industry leader would not have been possible without the loyal support of their customers and partners. They thank them all, and we look forward to another 50.

Article Courtesy Padilla Import Sales and Marketing