El Yucateco, The Classic Entrepreneur Dream

An old world american tale take note… You don’t see a lot of these anymore. In the heart of the Yucatan in 1968, Don Priamo J. Gamboa founded El Yucateco and began creating his wonderful handcrafted sauces and seasonings.

His vision was to share his personal family recipes that highlighted and featured the authentic flavor of the Yucatan.

Little did he know that 50 years later his vision of flavor would be spread across the globe enjoyed by millions.

Don Víctor Padilla, don Priamo Gamboa y José Luis Gamboa (from right to left).

He did know that to maintain the sauce’s unique taste and premium quality the spices, Habanero peppers and “secret” ingredients would have to be grown on his family’s farm, so they could be picked at pique quality and packed at the source for optimum freshness.

In the mid 70’s El Yucateco sauces were the first to enter the US market.

Over the years the brand’s sauces have grown to become not only the category’s benchmark for quality, flavor, and presentation, but also the #1 selling habanero hot sauce in the total US with national distribution and total market brand recognition.

Blending rich flavor with the pepper’s famed “picante”, El Yucateco, sauces are unique in that they are not a vinegar based sauce and do not use extracts to increase the heat of their sauces which allows us to maintain the true, unique flavor of the Habanero pepper.

This difference dances on your tongue when you taste El Yucateco, and is even obvious when simply flowing out of the jar.

El Yucateco’s pulpy consistency and robust thickness begs you to pour King of Flavor on all your favorite foods. Tempting and satisfying taste buds since 1968.

Courtesy El Yucateco