The XXII ANAM Expo Ends Successfully in Mexico

Fulfilling its commercial expectations with 100% occupancy of the 870 business and sales stands close to 65 billion pesos, the XXII Expo of the National Association of Wholesale Groceries (ANAM by its initials in Spanish) was held in Puebla.

The expo, which brings together production companies and wholesale partners from Mexico, began on September 4 and ends today, Thursday, at the Puebla Expo Center.

“Let me tell you that this year our large Wholesale Grocery Business Center grew from 15,000 square meters in 2017, now in 2018, to 19,200 square meters,” said Fernando Montes Sam, Manager of Partner Services and Marketing of the ANAM.

The expo was attended by 330 companies producing and marketing various edible products and services related to wholesale partners, who find exclusive promotions during this business event.

“This twenty-second edition was attended by brands that are definitely very important for the channel and can never miss their presence (Colgate, Pepsico, Maseca, Alen, P & G, Unilever, Bimbo, Mars, La Moderna, among many others) and also in the field of wines and liquors,” added Montes Sam.

They also had the participation of different states of the Mexican Republic such as Puebla, Baja California, Zacatecas and Jalisco, which give support and encouragement to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to market their products from different geographical areas.

The ANAM expo counted with the presence of companies from different countries

On the other hand, the executive president of the ANAM, Iñaki Landáburu Llaguno, expressed in a press conference that the members of the association want to see a more stable and booming Mexico as this city of Puebla has shown and highlighted the strength of the grocery channel wholesaler, who in the past 12 months increased the value of their sales by 7.7%.

“Whatever happens we continue in Mexico, and we continue to believe, we consider continuing to grow in double digits, what we have to do is forget fears and fears. We all have to work for a better Mexico, with anyone for the good of the country,” Landáburu Llaguno said.

The expo also counted with the presence of companies from Guatemala, Spain, Indonesia, the United States and Portugal, among others, which consider the Mexican market as an interesting option to do business.

There has been a considerable increase in visitors, participants and guests negotiating with exhibitors at the expo due to the exclusive offers they find, as well as the presence of new brands and products that help complement the offer of the SKU’s portfolio offered to the retailers.

The previous years, trade exchanges have left an economic spill of around $ 60,000 million pesos in three days and this year we are sure that it will not be less. We continue working to unite even more these suppliers (exhibitors) with our wholesale partners registered with the ANAM, to generate a strong and productive business link in which both parties benefit,” Montes told Abasto.