The Internet: An Incredible Asset for Supermarkets

Nowadays, supermarkets and stores should take advantage of the internet as a quick and cost-effective tool to align everyone within the commercial strategies of the company.

It is advantageous to have everyone on the same page in a company. Now with the use of cellphones and a perfect communication strategy, we can have every employee aligned to a common goal.

For instance, if a supermarket and a brand of dried grains partner to offer a “2×1 promotion” with a cash incentive to the supermarket per additional display, plus a bonus appearing in the weekly store promotion newspaper.

This example shows that everyone involved in the supermarket or store should be aware of this promotion from the buyer, manager, personnel, stockists, and cashiers.

These five individuals or areas need to understand that this is a team job where the result should benefit the store through better sales profits.

If a part of this chain is not adequately informed about the promotion, problems such as unhappy customers with the product, not enough products available, among other issues.

These miscommunications issues can be resolved by creating a small informational platform where staff should be required to see daily announcements on all things going on at the store.

Another tip is to have tasks explicitly assigned to each area through WhatsApp, text, or email, so a record of it can remain as a reminder.

The role of communication is vital, and this is where the brand plays a crucial role in making sure the message and specifications of the promotion reach all supermarket members involved. The brand manager has to reinforce the brand’s message by delivering informational material, absolve questions, and if needed, a meeting with the whole team.

It’s essential to show everyone involved in the results obtained. Congratulate people and give incentives to the whole team.

If the results are negative, show it constructively, highlighting the areas that need improvement. Give feedback and make sure the whole team is involved and knows why this is important.

The use of an internal communication platform in supermarkets such as this should be two-way, that is, that all personnel involved can or should give their views as feedback or based on the knowledge acquired.

This two-way communication allows the store manager to better plan their promotions, have adequate time for high-impact execution and thus be able to maximize revenues in supermarkets.