Food 4 Less/Foods Co. Workers Authorize Strike

The United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) Locals 8GS, 135, 324, 770, 1167, 1428, and 1442, representing over 6,000 Food 4 Less/Foods Co. employees in California, took a decisive step. In an overwhelming vote, they authorized their bargaining committee to call for an unfair labor practice strike, if necessary.

Since April, the UFCW Food 4 Less/Foods Co. Bargaining Committee, made up of members and all seven UFCW Locals representing Food 4 Less/Foods Co. workers across California, has been negotiating with the company, seeking an agreement that would improve working conditions for workers, the union said in a press release.

The UFCW Food 4 Less/Foods Co. Bargaining Committee said the following:

“Food 4 Less executives have decided to resort to unlawful tactics instead of following federal labor law and treating the bargaining process with the respect and seriousness it deserves. Today’s overwhelming strike authorization vote sends a clear message to the company: we will not be divided.”

“It’s us and our fellow members that are in the store’s day in and day out, making record profits and keeping customers happy. But Food 4 Less is trying to intimidate, bully, and strong-arm us into accepting a contract that is less than what we deserve and far less than what their parent company, Kroger, offers to other union grocery workers in the area.”

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“We know our customers and our communities are on our side, and if Food 4 Less/Foods Co. continues to play games with our livelihoods and drag its feet at the bargaining table, we will be forced to take action. We look forward to continuing negotiations this Monday, during which we will continue to stand together for the contract we deserve.”

According to the union’s press release, members from all seven UFCW Locals held strike authorization votes from June 10 – June 14, with an overwhelming majority of members voting to authorize their bargaining committee to call for a strike at any time, if necessary.

UFCW’s contract with Food 4 Less/Foods Co. expired on June 8, after the seven UFCW Locals representing over 6,000 workers filed unfair labor practice (ULP) charges against California’s supermarket chain for undermining negotiations and workers’ right to representation by:

  • Discriminating against employees based on union activity.
  • Prohibiting employees from participating in union activity. 
  • Monitoring employees engaging in union activity.
  • Unilaterally changing contract terms outside of the legal bargaining process.

The charges were filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on May 22.