Cardenas Markets Re-Banners Mi Pueblo Stores Following Merger

Cardenas Markets LLC, a respected and well-known Latino market, announced that they have fully completed re-bannering 15 Mi Pueblo stores to Cardenas Markets, following last year’s fusion of the two Hispanic companies.

“We have great customers and team members throughout Northern California and we are very happy to bring a new shopping experience to the communities that we are fortunate enough to serve.  We are just getting started,” said John Gomez, Cardenas CEO.

The companies merged in July of last year, both chains continuing to operate separately, but managed under one executive team led by CEO John Gomez.

The decision was made by KKR, a New York-based private equity firm, who made significant investments in both chains last year.

“Cardenas Markets and Mi Pueblo are committed to the communities they serve and through this integration will be able to better deliver for those communities. With a vision of becoming the leading Hispanic grocer in the country, Cardenas Markets LLC will continue to prioritize their loyal customers through the company’s continued growth, while creating jobs and offering rewarding career paths for employees along the way,” Vishal Patel, Director of KKR, had said in a press release about the merger.

With the Hispanic population rising and current Latino food trends, analysts have predicted a rise in Latino-focused grocers, according to Food Dive. According to the 6th Edition of The Why? Behind The Buy™ U.S. Hispanic Shopper Study, Hispanic shoppers are found to be more profitable than total U.S. shoppers due in big part to shopping with family members.

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Cardenas Markets and Mi Pueblo attract a variety of customers

Offering a wide variety of authentic products and foods, the merger of Cardenas and Mi Pueblo succeeds in attracting a diverse range of customers looking for unique meals and earning consumer loyalty. The fusion made it possible for both chains to offer competitive prices for quality products.

Cardenas Markets LLC, headquartered in Ontario, CA, has a total of 54 stores, 47 stores under the Cardenas banner and seven stores under the Los Altos Ranch Market banner. Cardenas Markets LLC is one of the largest Hispanic grocers in the country with stores in California, Arizona and Nevada.  Cardenas plans to continue their expansion in California by opening additional stores in 2018.

Mi Pueblo has a total of 15 store locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Central Valley and Monterey Bay Peninsula. The supermarket was established in 1991 and is known for providing an authentic Latino shopping experience.