Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by Drinking Milk

Every year, September 15th marks the start of Hispanic National Heritage month. But, are you making an effort to connect with this important demographic in the dairy industry? Here’s why you should: Hispanics represent 17% of the United States population. They are the fastest-growing ethnic group and will be the largest ethnic group in the U.S. by 2020 and their diary (milk) consumption is set to increase even more so than the general population in the U.S.

Hispanic acquisition power is great, and on average, they spend 9% more per shopping trip than non-Hispanics.

The future growth of the dairy industry, specifically for milk products and within the Hispanic demographic of consumers looks bright.

Hispanic moms believe in the high nutritional value milk offer in comparison to non-Hispanic moms. They also know tend to think that out of all the dairy products out there, milk has the most substantial nutritious benefits.

Hispanic mothers have increased their household expenditure when it comes to milk thus increasing the daily consumption of this product. While this is good news, there is room for growth. Hispanics represent 13% of the total sales in the milk category in the United States but are at 17% of the total population in the United States. However, as the population for this demographic continues to rise, so will the sales in this category.

As a grocery store owner or milk producer, taking advantage of this imminent growth in the milk department will depend on how you approach, market and connect those Hispanics buyers. From the in-store shopping experience to the pre-shopping to post-shopping experience.

In the light to better market to the Hispanic milk consumer, consumer research, gathered by MilkPEP, the Milk Processor Education Program, we have learned Hispanics engage the most through three of the most well-known social media platforms, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, at a higher rate than other demographics.

We also learned Hispanics Americans are viewing videos on their smartphones nearly double the weekly time spent than of total users and 97% of them are accessing video via mobile. Similarly, when searching for information about brands more than oftern they learn about products through their social newsfeeds.

To create a connection with the Spanish-speaking population in the country, it’s recommended to use content associated with family, food, language, music, sports, and other cultural experiences.

Facebook recommends using the Spanish language to target Hispanics living in the U.S. and cultural references to drive engagement.

With this insight about Hispanics’ use of social media, MilkPEP launched a “360 hyper-targeted” social media campaign to reach Hispanic moms before, during and after their shopping experiences, with emotional and rational product milk messages that are relevant to them.

Dairy and Food Production Transparency

Pour More Milk During Hispanic Heritage Month

The campaign, “Pour More Milk,” is an integrated Hispanic campaign which includes the following:

  • Spokespeople: (Registered Dietitian Sue Nui Escoba & Pediatrician Dr. Ilan Shapiro).
  • TV Network Integrations – Despierta América and Un Nuevo Día.
  • Influencers – Chef Lorena García sharing nutritional messages on radio and digital ads, in-store signage, social media, and website and PR events.
  • Content Partnerships.
  • Website Content – Fuertesconleche.com

This program is turnkey and available for your use to help increase your milk sales not only during Hispanic National Heritage month but throughout the year.

To learn more about how to activate any of these opportunities the ‘Pour More Milk campaign brings, please contact Dionne deValloise at [email protected] or Victor Zaborsky at [email protected].

We are curious! How often do you drink milk?