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Product Showcase

On each print publication, we select an exclusive number of products that stand out due to their quality and high consumer demand, showcasing them in or ‘escaparate’ (cupboard) section.

Cacique Has New Delicious Yogurt Smoothies!


Cacique Yogurt smoothies are rich and full taste of natural fruit. These smoothies are equipped with flavors like strawberry, banana and strawberry, piña colada, mango with pecan and cereals. They are perfect to enjoy as an aperitif and a nutritious source of protein. Pour batter over fruit, granola or cereal …

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La Preferida Food Seasonings

La Preferida

The variety of the seasonings of La Preferida are the perfect ingredient to bring your food to the next level. You just have to shake, mix and you’re ready. Choose from Chili, enchilada, fajita and taco seasoning. 1-800-621-5422 | [email protected] About La Preferida The company has been a family-owned …

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Mamá Lycha: Delicious Cheeses!

mama lycha

Mamá Lycha Mamá Lycha is proud to offer its exquisite cheese, directly from the field to your table. Enjoy a creamy taste with every bite. The cheese, made from pure milk, comes in a banana leaf wrap giving it that authentic taste of their country. This product is the perfect …

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The Molcajete From La Providencia

la providencia

The Molcajete (La Providencia) The molcajete is a Mexican cooking utensil type mortar, which is used to mash grains, spices and vegetables, intended for the preparation of sauces and other Mexican characteristic dishes, offered by La Providencia. Used for grinding grains and species from pre-Hispanic sparingly, the molcajete is a …

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Boing Drink: The Tastiest And Most Refreshing Juice

Soft drinks are an integral part of most countries, including the United States. However, nowadays the majority of these drinks are mostly made from artificial component rather than natural ingredients. Boing drinks are a healthier and more delicious alternative to traditional soft drinks than the so-called “natural” juices. Whether it …

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Try the New Jumex Cocktail Juices


Jumex is pleased to announce the launch of their new Cocktail Juices in a 64 oz PET bottle presentation to the United States market. These juices are available in apple, cranberry and grape flavors. A key differentiating point of this product that the Cocktail Juices has a higher percentage of …

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New Mixed Bars from La Molienda

la molienda

La Molienda, in addition to their wide variety of sweets, offers this nutritious mixed bar, made with fresh ingredients of high quality and high nutritional value. It is a rich blend of peanut butter, pumpkin, raisins and sesame seeds in a practical 5 oz. bar. This incomparable quality and freshness …

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