Cacique Has New Delicious Yogurt Smoothies!

Cacique Yogurt smoothies are rich and full taste of natural fruit.

These smoothies are equipped with flavors like strawberry, banana and strawberry, piña colada, mango with pecan and cereals. They are perfect to enjoy as an aperitif and a nutritious source of protein. Pour batter over fruit, granola or cereal to make a tasty ice cream dessert for breakfast.

All Cacique products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Carefully made with a robust traditional spice blend.

Performance Attributes
Once removed from the packaging, will crumble as it is cooked. Drain and use it as a flavor powerhouse in any dish, or as a topping or dressing for an entrée.

Usage Suggestions
Great for enchiladas, in queso fundido, molletes, or refried beans. Its versatility also lends itself to be a substitute for ground beef for your favorite burgers, meatloaf, or traditional melts.

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