Releasing a Global powerhouse in Snacks

Mondelēz International

Mondelēz International, Inc. is one of the companies of the world’s largest “snacks”. Our dream is to create delicious moments of joy in everything we do. More than 100 thousand employees support this dream, manufacturing and selling delicious foods and beverages for consumers in approximately 165 countries around the world. We are the manufacturer of largest snacks in the world and leaders in the share of the market in each category in which we compete. Mondelēz International ranks No. 1 globally in biscuits, Chocolates, sweets and drinks in powder, as well as the position No. 2 in chewing gum. (source: Euromonitor market share)

About 85 percent of our annual sales are generated in the categories of rapid growth and close the75% of our sales come from outside of North America.
We know that we have a fundamental role to play in empowering consumers to a consumer aware of snacks. Our approach is to create foods that adapt to the way in which people eat today – to bring joy to those small food moments.
The balance of foods and nutrients in the total diet, together with the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, is important for the general well-being.
We intend to be the world leader in snacks of well-being, with 50 percent of our portfolio in the space of wellness snacks for the year 2020. To achieve our goal, we are going to simplify and enhance the ingredient and nutritional profile of our current portfolio by reducing sodium and saturated fat at 10 percent; whole grains increasing by 25 per cent; and considering to remove colors and artificial flavors in those key brands. Secondly, we will be expanding our ‘call for wellbeing”options. 2020 25 per cent of our sales we focus to our products ‘Better Choice’ (best choice), and thus we will also expand our offer of products that meet the needs of consumers to their way of life. Finally, we will help consumers to make informed choices, providing information of calories on the front of the packaging at the global level by 2016.


The sense of conscious of snack consumption is to try to eat with a goal, and that goal is to be more aware of what and how much we are consuming. To obesity and other health problems increase around the world, helping people to be more aware in the consumption of snacks is very important.
To offer products “Better Choice” (best choice), as well as the options of control portions and clearer information about products, along with support for the lifestyle of the Community programmes, we are empowering people to be more aware to eat snacks and make better decisions when it comes to of your welfare. We are dedicated to help people and their families make better decisions through the creation of new solutions and improving the nutritional profile of our portfolio. We take seriously the responsibility about nutrition that comes with being the world’s largest snack company.
Our approach is in line with the recommendations of the World Health Organization on combating obesity and lifestyle-related diseases.