Knowing Our Stores: Mystery Shopper

” Mystery Shopper ”

In an increasingly competitive environment, our stores should offer a service to the customer according to your expectations, by adding a ‘plus’ to these same expectations to make a difference with our competitors.

As managers of shops, by inertia, many details of our own company we become landscape, but if we change the “chip” retailers to customers, we will draw many daily opportunities for improvement. “Retail is Detail”, never better said, in detail will be our difference. I put them an example lived in first person. In my residential area, on the same block, there are two stores that have practically the same products on their shelves exhibitors. One, always full of customers, while the other, lives just crowds of people are buying.

Our tendency is to go directly to sites where we see commercial movement, because us is speaking indirectly store, while it will be otherwise with the store who lives empty.

As a Retailer, I decided to one day enter the store that just has customers, and there began to fit all my suspicions. The shop started by the section of fruits and vegetables, where the quality and freshness of its products shone by their absence. The order and cleanliness of this store had many shortcomings. Already in these two simple details they were losing against shop who lives full of customers, since despite these agglomerations of people, it always lives clean and fresh products of the day.

The customer service also very poor, as both employees and shop supervisor, live more Earrings from their cell phones to the customer’s demands. The prices of both shops, just without differences, but while you shop winner offers free home delivery, personal lockers and daily tastings of products, the other does not have these extra services that also make a difference. As a result of all these details, unfortunately, if there is a quick reaction, not I give long life to this shop.

Mystery Shopper is a great solution for all these opportunities for improvement. A Mystery Shopper is a Professional Retail that, posing as a customer of the store, we will detect all these negative points and improve in each of our stores. It will detect “black spots” before that there has been dissatisfaction in customers since, once the bad image effect has occurred, it is very difficult to reverse it. Perform a measurement of quality of service objective, that is cronometren times, procedures, etc., by controlling the compliance with policies of the company are monitored.

It is the only way to search for excellence since the customers just demand what they know or what they see as logical, no surprises of any kind.

The audit carried out by the Mystery Shopper will be one of the main pillars that should give information to ensure an adequate quality of service. The other is the satisfaction surveys of purchase which will be held in the same output of store customers

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