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Product Showcase

On each print publication, we select an exclusive number of products that stand out due to their quality and high consumer demand, showcasing them in or ‘escaparate’ (cupboard) section.

Carbonell: Try the #1 Olive Oil in Mexico


Carbonell, the  N ° 1 Spanish brand olive oil in Mexico, with 150 years of leadership and with a presence in more than 70 countries are here for you and your customers. 100% Spanish oil . Its delicious taste will delight everyone! Deoleo : Carbonell | www.carbonellusa.com 551-655-1900 | juanramon.garcia@deoleo.com

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Tostadas Charras’ Latest Flavors


Charras invites you to try the new and delicious flavors of Tortilla Chips: Poblano, Sesame, Mexican kitchen and Tinga. Follow the traditional line as well in Natural flavor and Chile lemon. Palacios & Son´s LLC 469-449-2060 | P.O. BOX 560568, Dallas TX 75356-0568 History of Charras: Their story began in …

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Pocas International: Coconut Milk


Try the new drink from Pocas International: Coconut Milk It is now available, the refreshing and delicious coconut milk. Enjoy it in the following flavors; Original, mango, strawberry-banana, melon, banana, coffee and chocolate. It is soy-free, lactose-free, preservative-free and gluten-free. Your family will love this new drink! Pocas International Inc. …

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La Preferida Re-Fried Beans Are Delicious!

la preferida

La Preferida beans LaPreferida offers a wide variety of options, from refried beans vegetarian, and authentic to the organic refried black beans. If you are making a dip, a sauce made with beans or just a side dish, La Preferida has refried beans for every occasion. La Preferida | www.lapreferida.com …

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Try the Delicious New Cookies from La Moderna

la moderna

La Moderna New line of cookies made with the tradition that distinguishes us: flour three star®. The flavor of these cookies has been selected with the highest quality ingredients, without leaving aside the development of packages that provide product protection and improving designs with colours that call the view. La …

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Mexico Lindo: Try the Habanera red sauce

Mexico Lindo

Mexico Lindo Try the Habanera red sauce Mark Mexico Lindo with the same flavor as always, with habanero peppers Mexican of high quality, selected carefully for the best authentic touch to your favourite dishes great flavor and quality! Tradition since 1942. NOVAMEX l www.novamex.com 1-888 – NOVAMEX l 1-888-668-2639

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Try The New Cheese From FUD


FUD is here, the brand from our country! FUD brings you its new line of cheeses and Central American cream, meadow. With over 23 years in Central America and backed by quality; Meadow has for Central Americans, the traditional flavor of their countries of origin, that is so strange. This …

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Vilore Foods: Choco Milk and CAL-c -Tose

Vilore Foods

Vilore Foods announces the distribution to all channels for the CAL-c-Tose and Choco Milk brands. Choco Milk is offered in a Tin presentation of 14 oz and 28 oz (Chocolate). CAL-C-Tose, is the premium milk modifier for children being also the most recommended brand by physicians and paediatricians in Mexico. …

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