Try The New Cheese From FUD

FUD is here, the brand from our country!

FUD brings you its new line of cheeses and Central American cream, meadow. With over 23 years in Central America and backed by quality; Meadow has for Central Americans, the traditional flavor of their countries of origin, that is so strange. This new line has old hard cheese, dry cheese, cheese dry beans, cream Salvadoran and Central American cream.

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About FUD

FUD, with an acronym that means fine, unique and delicious, is the brand with greater recognition and acceptance within the category of refrigerated in Mexico.

For more than fifty years, the brand has been awarded its consumers high quality products, thus supporting their leadership and tradition within the national and international market.

Continuing with its Mexican tradition, the company entered the American market in the year of 1999, and since then their range of delicious products provides their characteristic variety
and dynamism to the category of cold meats; giving Hispanics their favorite brand of Mexico.