Vilore Foods: Choco Milk and CAL-c -Tose

Vilore Foods announces the distribution to all channels for the CAL-c-Tose and Choco Milk brands. Choco Milk is offered in a Tin presentation of 14 oz and 28 oz (Chocolate). CAL-C-Tose, is the premium milk modifier for children being also the most recommended brand by physicians and paediatricians in Mexico. Sales can 14 oz (Chocolate).

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Vilore Foods Company Inc.

Vilore Foods is the exclusive importer, distributor and marketer of leading Hispanic brands in the U.S. and Canada. Founded in 1983, Vilore was named in honor of the founder of Conservas La Costeña, Don Vicente Lopez Resines, whose great vision of perseverance is present in all facets of our company.

Our Mission is to create “Best-In-Class” Hispanic selling strategies that satisfy the continuing and growing need for real Hispanic consumer products throughout the United States and Canada.

Through innovative logistics, sales and marketing strategies, Vilore has obtained leadership in the authentic Hispanic Dry Grocery Category. We distribute coast-to-coast a wide variety of Mexican and Hispanic products. Shipped through a strategic distribution chain from our 470,000 square-foot facility in Laredo, Texas and our 150,000 square-foot facility in Imperial, California.