Carbonell: 150 Years of Quality and Tradition

Since 1866 Carbonell olive oil has been produced and bottled only in Spain. Its excellent quality and tradition make it one of the leading brands in the world.
Carbonell Extra Virgin olive oil has an intense flavor that is delicious in salads or as a base for dressings and condiments. Ideal to prepare vinaigrettes.
Also there is pure oil and Extra Light, which, with a milder flavor, are ideal for stews, roasts and grids.
Carbonell is the leading brand in Spain, a country with a great tradition in olive oil. For centuries the Spaniards have enjoyed the delicious taste of the olive oil, which is characterized by its beneficial health properties. The oil is made only from the best olives from Spain so the quality in all its products are guaranteed. Carbonell is synonymous with quality and tradition since it was founded in 1866 by Antonio Carbonell.
The image of the company, characterized by sitting gypsy and arms of the intertwined branches of an olive tree, is known around the world. His first appearance was in a poster, but little by little the image was gaining notoriety to become the brand emblem appearing in all products of the same.
Carbonell olive oil in addition to its excellent taste, is characterized by its versatility. It can be used for both cooking or grilling, salad dressing and garnish dishes.
It is much healthier and tastier than other types of oils, such as seeds or butter. Cook healthier every day with Carbonell oil.

Carbonell oil production

Carbonell olive oil is produced in Córdoba, belonging to Andalusia, a region of southern Spain.
To ensure the excellent quality of the olive oil, the olives are harvested when they are in the perfect timing of maturation.
More importantly for the collection process is that the olives are not damaged when processed within 24 hours of collection.
In the process of making everything converges toward a clear goal: each bottle of Carbonell oil 100% meets the high standards of taste and quality.
To achieve that they combine the latest technologies with the wisdom of the tradition and the experience that their experts contribute to ensure that he produces an outstanding oil in all directions.
That is why, from the moment in which they are selected only the best harvests until the final bottled, there are numerous and intensive tests of food safety and quality, allowing to ensure that customers enjoy an absolutely unbeatable oil