Tari, The #1 Peruvian Aji Sauce Now in the United States!

As Alicorp’s U.S. operations have grown with the sale of its nostalgia products aimed at Hispanic consumers, the Peruvian company realized the great opportunity in offering to the Anglo market the Salsa Tari, made with two species of peppers, aji amarillo and aji rocoto, both grown in Peru and each with a unique flavor.

Its objective is to conquer the “adventurous eaters” who are currently leading the trend of searching for new products in supermarkets.

These consumers are increasingly looking to explore new flavors and new cuisines. They want to be more creative and fun in preparing each meal. They are looking to try the new, the unknown, and be daring when trying new products.

“Salsa Tari is the answer to the search for these new culinary experiences because it is an exclusive product thanks to its unique ingredients grown in Peru”

Despite its appearance similar to the jalapeño, the aji Amarillo has its own distinct flavor profile and cultural significance. For over 7,000 years, it has been grown on the Peruvian coast due to the region’s unique geographical and climatic conditions.

The aji rocoto, although similar in shape to the red pepper, is totally different in flavor. The rocoto grows mainly in the Andean region of the country, and is hotter than aji amarillo. The rocoto is considered one of the main basic ingredients in Peruvian gastronomy and is used in many typical dishes such as Rocoto relleno (stuffed rocoto).

Thanks to these amazing ingredients, Peruvian gastronomy is recognized as one of the best in the world. The famous publication “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” made such recognition when it awarded the Central restaurant in Lima, Peru, the first place as the 2023 best restaurant in the world.

Thus, the aji Amarillo and the aji rocoto are two gastronomic relics that for centuries have given Peruvian food a unique flavor and spiciness, and now seek to conquer the adventurous diner in the United States with Salsa Tari.

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Unlike the typical watery hot sauces prepared with hot peppers and vinegar, the value proposition of Salsa Tari, made with aji amarillo and aji rocoto, is very different: It is a deliciously creamy sauce made with a unique preparation technique.

The unbeatable flavor of Salsa Tari, which results from its own Peruvian hot peppers and its skillful preparation technique has earned the preference of the most demanding consumers as a unique value proposition.

This was proven by Alicorp with the pilot test carried out in 2021, offering Salsa Tari of aji amarillo and aji rocoto to consumers in a mainstream supermarket in Texas. The consumer responded positively, highlighting the sauce’s flavor and creamy texture.

To attract the attention of mainstream supermarket chains, Alicorp is also working with one of the largest and most important marketing agencies in the United States, VML Y&R. Together, they are developing the launching campaign of Salsa Tari at the retail level, supported by promotion on social networks, Alicorp’s website and Amazon, among many other projects.

In addition, they have partnered with RJW, a leading logistics operator that will ensure the supply of Salsa Tari in the country.

With its extensive experience of more than four decades in the food and mass consumption industry in Peru, Alicorp ranks first in preferences in the sauces category.

In its interest to offer original and best quality products to consumers, in 2012, Alicorp launched Salsa Tari.

The company developed exquisite recipes, making the aji amarillo sauce the protagonist of the meals, giving that “kick” of flavor and spiciness to each dish.

After the enormous success of Salsa Tari of aji amarillo, for almost two years, they continued to explore the category of spicy sauces using aji rocoto. They tested different recipes until they combined the perfect ingredients with fresh rocoto, onion, and parsley.

Therefore, by 2014, Alicorp released the aji rocoto sauce in Peru under the name Uchucuta.

Salsa Tari of aji amarillo and aji rocoto Uchucuta became the Peruvian consumer’s favorite, and today, they hold 57% of the market share in the country, according to Kantar World Panel Peru statistics, as of June 2023.

With these results, Alicorp saw the opportunity to take its flagship sauce to the United States, offering Anglo consumers a unique hot sauce that gives that “kick” of flavor to all their meals.

Alicorp: The leading CPG company in Peru

The company was founded in 1971 under the name Consorcio de Alimentos Fabril Pacífi co by the Romero Group, a Peruvian business conglomerate, which to this day is the company’s majority shareholder.

In 1997, the company changed its name to Alicorp S.A.A. and continued to grow.

Over the years, Alicorp has become the leading CPG company in Peru and the second largest in the Andean region. A success based on its capacity for innovation and constant search for knowing consumers in depth, understanding their habits and developing products that satisfy their needs.

With a product portfolio spanning sauces, edible oils, pasta, cookies, and detergents, Alicorp is a leading company in Peru.

Alicorp had revenues of US$3.6 billion in 2022, and its various brands are present in more than 30 countries.
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