La Preferida: Always Listening to Their Customers’ Needs

From its humble beginnings as a small family supermarket in Chicago in the 1930s to the national brand that they are today, there is something that has never changed about La Preferida: they listen to their customers!

In the midst of the booming economy of the stockyards, steel mills and cargo warehouses of the 1920s, the small family grocery store opened its doors. As the community began to diversify, they continued the mission of providing residents with the flavors of home.

Immigrants from Mexico and other Latin American countries became an important part of the local fabric and in 1949, chorizo became the main product of the business. The name La Preferida was chosen to represent the true quality and authenticity of its recipe.

Today, the wide range of more than 200 products continues to satisfy the changing consumer landscape. La Preferida has expanded its product line to include organic, low sodium, vegetarian and Kosher products, ranging from diced green chilies to jalapeños, sauces, beans and more.

La Preferida’s new products

They will also have a new line of organic condiments for tacos in the market that includes: Al Pastor, Fish Taco and regular Taco seasoning.

In addition, La Preferida will present its new organic sauces: Salsa Verde, Pico de Gallo, Tomatillo Avocado Salsa and Enchilada Sauces. All products are free of monosodium glutamate (MSG), additives and preservatives.

La Preferida’s unique recipes promise a superior flavor due to the freshness of the ingredients, including the real pineapple in the Al Pastor seasoning. They strive to educate customers about the versatility of their products and encourage an accessible and authentic way of cooking.

Their internal chef is a key figure in the development of the products and recipes that adapt to health-conscious consumers. Their adaptations of traditional Mexican dishes focus on fresh products, lean proteins and low-fat alternatives, which helps to give new life and flavors to ancient classical cuisine.

You can find many innovative ideas such as piña colada milk rice and baked fajita wings on the La Preferida website.

De Leon Foods, a Success Story in Spokane

Despite episodes of economic uncertainty in the Packaged Consumer Goods (CPG) business, the flexibility of the La Preferida brand continues to shine. Refried beans continue to be their best-selling item and the fastest-growing brand in their category, according to recent IRI data.

The versatility of their products as well as their ingredients means that customers can incorporate them into a variety of dishes outside the scope of Mexican food. Based on their strong roots in the Midwest, they work continuously to strengthen relationships on the East and West coasts, so distributor / agent inquiries are always welcome.

La Preferida will stay current with food trends either through new media strategies, product development or packaging. It will also be launching the ability to conduct e-commerce with Amazon!