Heineken presents “Celebrate What’s Inside” Campaign

This holiday season, Heineken begins a new campaign called “Celebrate What’s Inside,” to persuade consumers that what’s inside is what matters most.

According to Ashleigh Phelps, Heineken Brand Manager, the concept was sparked by the insight that consumers enjoy sharing Heineken with friends and family during the holidays and are interested in a packaging format suitable for seasonal gifting.

The Magnum bottle, which has the appearance of a premium wine or champagne bottle, has the words “Lager Beer” at the top of the bottle and the design of the iconic red star has been enhanced to represent holiday celebrations.

It is part of the full Heineken Holiday campaign, “Fresh Take,” which promotes the idea that beer drinkers can enjoy life more when looked at with a fresh perspective.

“We identified the key insight that the world is full of common beliefs and expectations that set the tone on how we are supposed to live our lives. But, life is better when you live spontaneously. “Fresh Take” invites beer drinkers to embrace the unexpected, because when life is lived spontaneously every day becomes a chance to create stories, connections and memories,” Phelps told Abasto Magazine.

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Celebrate What’s Inside Starting November 1st

The Magnum bottle was launched a couple of years ago, brought back in 2017 and again in 2018 with enhanced package design cues, according to Phelps.

The promotion will be in store November 1st through December 31st, with the media portion launching on November 19th and run for the rest of 2018.

Multiple mediums will be used to generate awareness and drive demand for Heineken during the holidays, including digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Instagram stories and SnapAds. Phelps said TVC will target the general market and Hispanic audiences for broad reach while on-line video and 6-second bumper units will deliver short, engaging branded content.

Consumers who buy a Heineken bottle will receive a $5 Uber credit (while supplies last) to ensure a safe ride throughout the holiday season festivities.