The Popular Sea Salt Originates in the Mediterranean

Due to its origin and natural crystallization, unlike other salts such as table salt, sea salt in addition to seasoning provides 92 essential minerals for health.

Nowadays, food manufacturers are very aware of the potential of sea salt as a high-quality ingredient as well as a natural and healthy product icon.

There are more and more food companies that use it in the preparation of their products and identify their origin and presence on the labels (examples: chocolate, chips, ice cream, peanuts, canned soups, cookies, preserves, cheeses, etc.), to satisfy its consumers who demand the salt for their healthy values.

Within the category of Sea Salt, the Mediterranean Sea Salt is positioned as a specialty at the highest level in the group by its designation of origin.

Likewise, these trends of consumption towards this salt have led different retailers to increase the variety and amount of salt supply in their POGs in order to achieve an increase in the satisfaction of their consumers, as well as obtaining a higher profitability of the variety of products in the category.

Within the category of Sea Salt, Mediterranean Sea Salt is positioned as a specialty at the highest level in the group by its designation of origin.

Mediterranean sea salt is valued by chefs and consumers globally

The quality of Mediterranean seawater, rich in minerals and its process of slow crystallization, are the key factors to obtain a salt of excellent premium quality different from other marine salts.

This same process of slow crystallization of the salt flats of the Mediterranean Sea gives it a special salty, un-bitter flavor, which makes it the most valued by chefs and consumers globally.

PMA CEO Says High Tech is the Future

Due to the trending growth of consumption of sea salt in the United States, especially Mediterranean salt for its premium quality, Atlantis Sea Salt was born in 2014 in the city of Houston. It was created in partnership with INFOSA-Spain as an alternative for the North American market and with the aim of becoming the number one supplier of sea salt of the highest quality from the Mediterranean Sea for the ingredients, foodservice and mass consumption (retail) industries.

“At Atlantis Sea Salt we are totally convinced that our product portfolio offers a wide variety of solutions to meet market needs ranging from presentations for the food ingredients and foodservice industries to a very wide range of products for retail in our three varieties of Fine, Coarse Mediterranean Salt and our exclusive Mediterranean Salt Grill (Grill) designed specifically for barbecue enthusiasts,” said Abelardo Trias, President of Atlantis Sea Salt.