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Norma Moscoso and Jerson Blanco are creators of motivational content for innovative entrepreneurs, focused on the formation and strengthening of a successful mindset to achieve clear and challenging goals and objectives and on the use of the internet as the best platform to build new and effective opportunities of business.

Breaking Paradigms to Become an Entrepreneur


Venturing into the world of the entrepreneur implies taking on the challenge of moving a different, innovative and even unknown path, in which we must go through several stages, some very satisfactory and others more difficult. Without a doubt, the greatest test to be an entrepreneur is in our ability to …

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7 Reasons Why Women Succeed in Marketing Networks

marketing networks

Currently there are companies with products and services of different nature, for all tastes and economic level and that have become a striking option to generate income for many people, thanks to the option of marketing networks. The potential of marketing networks in the aspect of personal and financial growth …

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What Does Money Mean to You?

money, dinero

Every day and every moment we are bombarded by the media by different products and services that invite us to buy them to portray a lifestyle, a social status or to show us as leaders. What is needed for this? Simply money. Money has turned into as much as a …

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The Power of Passive Income

ingresos pasivos - passive income

Undoubtedly, financial education is something that interests us all regardless of our age, sex, nationality, race or religion. Regardless of our current economic situation, we all want to improve our living conditions, though in many cases, we don’t know how to achieve it. Therefore, you will love the subject of …

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