7 Reasons Why Women Succeed in Marketing Networks

Currently there are companies with products and services of different nature, for all tastes and economic level and that have become a striking option to generate income for many people, thanks to the option of marketing networks.

The potential of marketing networks in the aspect of personal and financial growth is very great and continues to rise, however, this business is even more powerful if it’s a woman who decides to develop it.

Even Robert Kiyosaki, renowned entrepreneur, writer and U.S. motivational speaker, has seen the great field of action that women have in this type of industry.

In fact, in his book “The Business of the 21st Century,” he dedicates a chapter where his wife Kim Kiyosaki explains why women can achieve professional, personal and financial success by linking to multi-level companies.

If you are a woman, you will be filled with reasons to take action, because you will see why this type of business is so powerful. And if you are a man, you will see the importance of linking women to your work team in order to continue growing.

1. Establish interpersonal relationships easily

To give you an idea, in the United States, around 80% of those that develop in marketing networks are women and the global trend does not distance itself from this figure.

Why? Because the success of this business is based on establishing connections, creating links, training and teaching and women stand out in that aspect, because social contact comes easily for them.

2. Get away from those uninspiring statistics

  • There are alarming statistics that show a worrying perspective for women, but that drive them to opt for marketing networks:
  • 47% of women older than 50 years old are single, that is, they respond for themselves financially (bulletpoints)
  • The retirement income of women is lower than that of men, since their wages are lower than theirs. Also, because government reforms increase the pension age.
  • The female life expectancy is between 7 and 10 years longer than that of men, which means that they are more likely to provide for themselves in those years.
  • Even if they receive their own income, around 24% of women cannot overcome poverty, which places them in a clear situation of economic dependence.
  • Women lead 23% of small businesses in the region, but only 9% big companies.

To know all the information, consult the conclusions of the XII Regional Conference on women and the document “Autonomy of women and equality in the development agenda” issued by ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean).

Looking at this scenario, think about the future and ask:

Where will you be in a couple of years if you continue doing what you’re doing?

Are you sure that the financial plan you have today is enough to avoid becoming part of this statistic?

3. Say goodbye to economic dependence

Unfortunately, economic independence is limited, vulnerable and stops many women from achieving their dreams.

When you generate income from the marketing networks, you can be prepared not to depend on a husband, job or other family member and have additional income that prevents you from falling into financial crisis when something unexpected happens.

Use your skills and abilities to take charge of your financial future.

4. Beat the job buffers

Although women have taken a leading role in the world of work, it is still common to find a cap for them in the corporate ladder, not to mention the limitations that many women over 40 years have and who seek to return to a job.

In marketing networks, those restrictions are simply ridiculous because it doesn’t matter what your gender, race, religion, age or education is.

What is relevant is your diligence, discipline and commitment to do this business, letting yourself be guided, learning and replicating what your company offers you.

5. Limits in my income… what’s that?

It’s not a secret that wage inequality exists between men and women, since they earn an average of 37.4% more, which brings frustration, anger, low motivation and low self-confidence, making women feel neglected at work.

Marketing networks are a relief, since you can grow financially as much as you want, as long as you work hard and strive to build a strong team.

6. Lift up the self-esteem

One of the many benefits of the marketing networks is that it is a business of personal growth, which has a favorable effect on the development of self-esteem; it is not uncommon for a woman’s self-esteem to be directly linked to her ability to provide for herself.

When a women’s self-esteem rises, her personal security and relationships also get better and this leads to success. Having success leads to the best gift of all: success.

7. Control your time

One of the biggest reasons for women not taking a business opportunity is because they do not have enough time.

It is not a simple excuse, but a reality for many because after working, they take care of their children, prepare dinner, take care of household chores, etc. By the time they’re done, they’re exhausted!

However, being part of a marketing network, you have control over your time, since the business can be full-time or part-time.

It’s something that you can do from your home, over the phone or using the Internet and in the afternoon, night or weekends, at whatever place and time.

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