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Norma y Jerson

Norma Moscoso and Jerson Blanco are creators of motivational content for innovative entrepreneurs, focused on the formation and strengthening of a successful mindset to achieve clear and challenging goals and objectives and on the use of the internet as the best platform to build new and effective opportunities of business.

8 Tips to Meet Your New Year’s Goals

Metas - goals

As we approach the end of the year, many people begin to take stock and check if their wishes or goals for 2017 were fulfilled or not. This leads to repentance and disappointment, when what was planned did not become actuality. It also starts the preparations and expectations for a …

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Success or Failure? It Depends on The Mentality

poder de la mentalidad-mentality

Although we all live in the same world and experience different situations that affect us positively or negatively, there is a powerful resource that draws abysmal differences and gives us a particular lens to perceive, assume and react to these daily events. This resource is called… MENTALITY!!! The mentality that …

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