Why is Japanese Bamboo the Plant of Entrepreneurs?

One of the first stories we heard that inspired us and pushed us to stand firm in our decision when we decided to become entrepreneurs was the story of Japanese bamboo. Yes, a plant, because it is in nature where we find wisdom and we must be attentive to learn all the lessons it offers us.

Japanese bamboo has a very special peculiarity … although it is sown and requires the normal care of any seed, it does not emerge from the earth for 7 years. It seems that it is infertile.

However, after those 7 years, it germinates, comes to light and does not stop growing until it can reach a height of 30 meters in just 6 months. And then what do you do for 7 years?

Well, even if we do not see it, all the “action” happens underground. During this time, bamboo creates a complex and strong root system, which will sustain it for the rest of its life.

Also, unlike any other tree, if its cut, it can grow back.

Just like bamboo, entrepreneurs must start off on the right foot and learn 4 valuable lessons from this noble and strong plant:


Value patience:

In today’s world, fast solutions are in fashion (for everything, like losing weight, cooking or cleaning) and business is no exception. We can find every day proposals that offer virtually instantaneous and highly profitable results.

However, if we want to become professional entrepreneurs and develop real and sustainable projects and businesses in the long term, we must be like farmers.

We must first take some time to have the mentality and adequate intellectual and emotional preparation to take on the challenge and get away with it.

Of course, we are not telling you to wait seven years and not dare to do anything before this time. Just take things with ease, without letting yourself be dazzled by too good to be true proposals that tend to be only a mirage and thinking of results beyond today or the immediate future.

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Create a strong root system:

Although it is linked to the previous point, here we want to emphasize the importance of training and learning for entrepreneurs.

A good knowledge of what kind of business you’re getting involved in; market studies, marketing strategies, logistics, finance (or what you need to make your business idea come true), are essential to know what terrain you step on and despite the obstacles, you can get back up and grow towards success.

Study the proposals with a cool head. Also check if that really impassions you and if it is a viable opportunity for you.


Do not stop taking care of the seed:

If your business does not get the results you expected in the beginning, it is very possible that what you find are negative people who try to discourage you with toxic comments and try to make you lose confidence in yourself and your business.

If this happens to you … SIMPLY PERSIST!

Check your failures, learn from them, acquire and strengthen the skills and knowledge you need, apply them and establish alliances with experts if you see it relevant.

Remember to work with passion … and dare to leave your comfort zone. It is the only way to know and recognize what you are capable of.


Grow always looking towards the sun:

Focus on your goals and do not take shortcuts that can make you lose your way (although you can see that there is an easy and comfortable way).

When obstacles arise, focus your energy on seeking the light of solutions, innovate, put your creativity to work. And of course, when you reach your goal, celebrate, enjoy and live intensely the satisfaction of a job well done.

But do not stay there long, this will stall you. Always think about new challenges, keep putting yourself to the test, this is the only way to keep your mind and body active, to prosper economically and personally because you can also inspire many to continue on the path of success.