Why Brands Need Marketing Companies

Nowadays, brands cannot settle by leaving the sales work only in the hands of distributors, hoping to position, transmit, and raise the message that their product or service brings to the final consumer. That is the responsibility of the brand itself. We understand that building up a brand is not an easy task; it costs a lot of money and effort. Therefore, the best way that companies can accomplish this is through specialized marketing companies.

It may sound expensive, but in the long term, it is more costly not to do it.

Marketing companies are specialized companies that know the sales channels, the different layers of distributors and sub-distributors and the best thing is that they have a close relationship with the managers and owners of the stores in the region, which speeds up the product penetration and growth in your community.

The most points a team with local marketing knowledge should implement are:

  • Physical space inside the store.
  • Own public price vs. competition.
  • Number of brands on the shelves
  • Additional displays.
  • Comments from store managers.
  • Inventory rotation numbers.

These data must be monitored by the corporate on a daily, weekly, or biweekly basis so actions can be taken in time to straighten the direction of commercial efforts, see if the strategy applied is on track, and to better understand the dynamics of the retail.

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Today, there are excellent applications to be able to measure and execute the fieldwork, where the measurement also helps to define the effort of the employee verifying the quality of time at the point of sale since GPS audits these systems.

Under this whole process, it is important to make the distributor understand that when the brand invests in a team like this, it is to make improvements and increase sales through better negotiations and notice that it is not an extension of its sales team, that that responsibility still corresponds to them.

These marketing companies are a support to the commercial execution in the square.