The Emotional Power of Packaging

A product’s packaging can define the tastes, state of mind and emotions of a potential customer.

Define Your Product with Packaging

All you have to do is visit an Hispanic supermarket and see what consumers buy. Regardless of the target market, you’ll notice that the products you carry around in your shopping cart define your tastes, your time, your mood and your emotions.

With graphic resources such as font, color and overall design, a product can evoke a fun or festive mood. It can define what is healthy or what is traditional. All of these packaging elements help us identify if the consumer is preparing a family party, enjoying a sporting event or simply attending a barbecue with friends.

Each package becomes a voice that not only expresses a description of the product but also conveys emotional and aspirational values. On the shelves of our Hispanic markets the act of buying and selling has become a mirror for lifestyle, experiences and above all, emotions.

Packaging: Mirror to the Emotions

Each package conveys emotional and aspirational values.

When it comes to the packaging design, challenges for transmitting genuine emotions require investing in the quality of the photograph or illustration. This includes checking that the typeset is clear and consistent with the product category. It means verifying that the colors represent the freshness and quality of the product. It also means making sure that the name or the brand accurately captures the characteristics of the product and its target market.

Nowadays business conditions between supermarkets and manufacturers are narrowed down to one issue: price and profit. Therefore, in their commercial strategy they should consider that the packaging design helps determine motivation and buying success. Consumers are buying emotionally. Package design must be consistent with those feelings.

It’s time for many Hispanic brands to handle the packaging design for their products with the attention and care that they deserve.

After all, a good packaging design can lead to a great business opportunity. Don’t ignore the value of design. And don’t let it fall below the quality of its product.

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