Integrating Mexican Culture into Your Packaging Design

Mexican immigrants and their descendants now form an important part of the US population and have become one of the most influential social and cultural groups in the country. Mexican-American culture will continue to shape US lifestyle in language, politics, food, customs and traditions, giving rise to a new national identity for the 21st century.

The traditions and customs of the Mexican people are varied and diverse. Their culture has evolved over time, expressing itself visually through its unique colors, shapes and designs. Design materials are created with the impact of colorful nuances, always supporting elements that evoke the traditions, customs and festivals, and their presence is increasingly evident.

Among the more deeply-rooted traditional festivities in Mexican culture, and where the creative explosion in design is most noticeable, are the “Posadas” celebration and the “Día de los Reyes Magos,” (Three Kings Day or Epiphany) celebrations in December and January; “Día de Muertos” or the Day of the Dead in November; and the “Fiestas Patrias” or National Holidays in September.

Applying Mexican culture to package design

Most colors used in this style are saturated and cheerful.

We can benefit greatly from the graphics that arise from Mexican traditions and celebrations. Color and typography appear in a variety of products, in the form of geometric figures and free strokes. Most colors used in this style are saturated and cheerful, employing contrast with dark colors, as well as textured backgrounds. All this detail is included with the intention of representing the styles present in Mexican handicrafts and folk culture.

There are many colors and shapes that may be applied to your design to help convey the cultural message consumers are looking for.

Using graphic design as a tool of persuasion, you can convince your potential customers that your business has the characteristics that fit the Mexican cultural profile.

The Mexican cultural design style is one that will stand the tests of time. The Mexican immigrant population currently consists of consumers who are young, more educated, and adept at technology. And they are looking for quality design in all areas.

These consumers seek to be reflected as modern citizens who keep their traditions by choice, although they may be able to access 100% US products effortlessly. Therefore, the goal for your products is to achieve a design that appeals to both Mexican and local consumers. Nonetheless, it must be one that reflects high quality.

It is important to remain open to adopt, adapt and / or create new products around these traditions. Integrating Mexican cultural designs into your packaging can offer you countless advantages over the competition.

To learn more about Hispanic trends in American culture, follow this link from the Pew Research Center: