Covid-19 Transforms the Labor Market

The pandemic surprised insiders and outsiders by imposing a new reality for everyone in the labor market around the world. Covid-19 has added a good dose of uncertainty to the labor market and new opportunities for all sectors. Many industries realized that they could continue doing business using e-commerce, while others did not.

The most obvious impact has been an increase in remote jobs and the flexibility of employers to continue this model even after the pandemic.

They have found that a hybrid model can be adapted that allows the workforce to work from home and in the office on a shared basis. In many cases, the expected results and savings, such as reduced travel frequency, have been achieved.

On the other hand, Covid-19 has brought faster adoption with technologies in automation and implementation of Artificial Intelligence.

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Such is the case in supermarkets and restaurants, but especially in industrial plants that have had to significantly reduce the number of workers to avoid physical proximity and prevent the spread of the virus.

Today, the companies that begin to analyze what jobs can be done remotely from home and what training is required for the new tasks will be the ones that possibly remain in a healthy market.

For example, remote work and virtual meetings are likely to continue, though with less intensity than when the pandemic began. On the other hand, consumers have also discovered the convenience behind e-commerce and other online activities.

The future of work in the post-Covid-19 context will require a combination of necessary skills between employees and employers. The pandemic is creating a new scenario that will allow “agile organizations” to become more relevant in the future for all their consumers and employees.

Artificial Intelligence and labor transformation are here to stay. Training now becomes more relevant after the acquisition of new technologies, and this is why it is vital to adapt quickly and timely to remain relevant in the business and industry. 

Covid-19 is accelerating the transformation of the labor market through technology and those who use and implement it!