Social Media: 5 Marketing Advantages

Social media is used by many companies to increase sales. However, after several months of effort without the expected results, a lot of companies become discouraged. But it hasn’t all been in vain. Although social networks are not a sales channel, they can boost sales if the strategy is well defined from the beginning.

When using social media to carry out promotional activities, you should be aware of several important factors. The use of social media can help foster brand recognition, reaching a wider audience in a short time and with relatively little effort. Also, social media is a channel for gaining more visibility and giving more impact to the brand message. Experts in the field say that promotional activities carried out through social media can have a much greater impact than those generated through traditional channels, with considerably less investment. (1)

Additionally, social networks allow you to reveal the brand’s personality. They give voice to the brand’s human side, its genuine commitment to its customers and its dedication to service. In particular, there are five ways in which social networks can help your brand stand out:

1. Social media helps you create loyalty among consumers.

In social networks you can create communities with very good results. It’s actually possible to target the audience you are looking for more accurately. And maintaining contact with your customers is achieved far more effectively. You can offer a gift or exclusive promotions, for example. Both of these marketing strategies help consumers gladly stay with your brand, remain faithful and help spread the word.

2. Social media lets you know who your customers are.

Social networks allow us to identify our customers and what they are like. They reveal their profile and where we can find them. They help us target and identify customers who use the Internet to find information or give their opinions.

3. Social media helps improve the quality of after-sales service.

The after-sales service is essential for all businesses because it provides a lot of added value for the customer. It’s a key element for achieving customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. It’s important to know what our customers think of our product or service so that we can continue improving. The opinions generated in social media affect buying decisions very effectively.

Through participating in social networks, we can know if our product or service is good, appropriate and timely. Our customers often complain through social networks and forums rather than directly to the company.

4. You can see how your brand is ahead of the competition.

The company that has a profile on social networking is one step ahead of those who do not. Nowadays, users are looking for information on the Internet about the products that interest them. Data indicates that this is one of the main online activities. More visits to the website occur as the user seeks to broaden the information received from the profile.

5. Social media will create a community around your brand.

Social networks are a means of active interaction. They help build relationships between you, your brand and your consumers. If these relationships are strengthened with quality content and preferential treatment, you succeed in creating in the customer a sense of brand loyalty. In addition, social networks allow a constant flow of communication and are a useful tool for sealing your brand in the hearts and minds of the consumer. The key is to be creative, generate added value and to be able to give the user quality news presented in the best way. This is what will help you increase your community and at the same time, inspire customers to return and buy your products and services again and again.