Epic Produce Sales: Purveyor of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Are you looking for the best suppliers of fruits and vegetables? You have landed on the right page. We introduce you to Epic Produce, one of the largest suppliers of agricultural products.

Many agricultural companies struggle to adapt to ever-changing technologies of agriculture but not Epic Produce. They are involved in every step of the agriculture industry, from growing, cultivation, exports, transportation, market analysis to the marketing of the fruits and vegetables they produce.

Learn more about this produce supplier and why they are a great option if you need to be supplied with the best produce.

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What is Epic Produce?

Epic Produce specializes in being a purveyor of fruits and vegetables. They are headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

Epic Produce is highly involved in every step of the agricultural supply chain so only the freshest produce reaches your home.

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Why Choose Epic Produce?

Is Epic Produce a supplier of fruits and vegetables worth considering? In short, yes. They are not only a great supplier of fresh produce but go further and get involved in important aspects of market analysis and marketing of produce to give their customers the most complete service.

Epic Produce specializes in all fresh fruits and vegetables, however, they are always working on increasing the number of products that we can offer. The company is open to working with new business and will evaluate your needs and offer a solution to your company.

Epic Produce services

Let’s take a look at all Epic Produce services they provide.

Produce sourcing and sales

When it comes to sourcing fresh fruits and vegetables, Epic Produce knows how to deliver excellence. Specializing in produce procurement services to any type of business that requires it.

Import and export services

Nutritious food worldwide depends heavily on imports and exports of fruits and vegetables. Epic Produce is able to import and export its product, guaranteeing a constant supply of fresh produce. They adhere to the highest quality controls so that their products remain fresh when they reach the different markets they supply.

Real-time market analysis

Epic Produce conducts deep market analysis to assure a higher degree of success in an ever-changing market where consumers are always changing consumption habits.

Grower Marketing

This type of marketing aims to raise the profile of produce grower companies by encouraging a greater understanding of the industry and its importance to the economy of the nation.


From produce procurement to transportation operations, Epic Produce logistics services can reduce costs and streamline your processes as their expertise and services cover every step involved in the supply chain.

Contact information

If you want to sell or distribute Epic Produce products in your store, contact us:

Contact: Peter Jurado
Phone: +1 602 624 4706
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.epicproduce.com
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