Walmart accepts other company’s gift cards

If you have some gift cards have not used or do not want, you can now redeem them at Walmart.

On December 25 Walmart launched a new service that allows its customers to exchange gift cards from over 200 retailers, airlines and restaurants to a Walmart one.

According to the retail giant, the cards do not expire and can be used in Walmart stores and online.

According to the company, this exchange could bring more customers to the stores and to the Internet portal of the largest supermarket chain in the world.

This is a test program, but if it exceeds expectations, Walmart Stores Inc. said it could become a permanent service. The chain said it has no specific methods for evaluating the success of the program but will closely monitor the reaction of customers who do not receive the full value of their gift cards to use at Walmart.

For example, in the case of cards, customers can redeem up to 95%, Staples cards up to 90% and Gap up to a maximum of 85%. For some brands, the Walmart gift card will give up to 70% of the original card.

This year there are unused gift cards on the market worth 1,000 billion, according to consulting firm TowerGroup EB. That is because the beneficiaries lose or do not know what to buy.