Vallarta Supermarkets Opens its First Store in Pasadena on Wednesday

Vallarta Supermarkets is ready to open on November 29 its first store in Pasadena, California, located in the Renaissance Plaza shopping center, after an investment of $5 million and a total remodeling of the facilities which lasted about seven months.

With their first store in Pasadena, the 50th of the Hispanic supermarket chain, they are launching to explore a new multicultural market, creating a new style in the design of its stores and with new offers in food and beverages.

“It’s an opportunity to expand the Vallarta brand. Our motto is that we are a supermarket for all families, so we do not necessarily differentiate between customers, but yes, in the past we focused on Hispanic customers, but we are confident that the products we offer in our stores satisfy all ethnic groups,” Rick Castillo, Marketing Director of Vallarta, told Abasto.

The first store in Pasadena will have a “new look”

The new supermarket is located on the southwest corner of North Fair Oaks Avenue and Orange Grove Boulevard, where previously operated The Vons Store, another grocery store. At the 50,000 square-foot facility, Vallarta will maintain the service of a Wells Fargo bank branch as well as a pharmacy.

To attract the Pasadena clientele, Vallarta spared no efforts to give their store a new look. Castillo told Abasto that they hired the services of the renowned interior design firm DL English Design for this reason, which has extensive experience in the design of grocery stores in the US, Mexico and Europe.

“The supermarket will have a contemporary style, with very colorful patterns in pastel colors. Entering 33 years of existence, the company wants to present an image that looks and feels more contemporary,” said Vallarta Marketing Director.

When Vallarta Supermarkets opens its doors to the Pasadena public on November 29th, the clients will find, aside from a modern and spacious design, new products and services.

Apart from the traditional departments of the store, such as the tortillería, the butchery and its bakery and taking into account the demographic profile of consumers in this area northeast of Los Angeles, Castillo said that they will also offer new types of food. “We will have an apartment where we will sell sushi, we will be offering cold and hot food in the food hall, there will also be specialized products in cheese and meat, and an expanded wine section, among others.”

The inauguration of the Vallarta supermarket, located in the southwest corner of the Renaissance Plaza shopping center in Pasadena, will not only provide a new and varied option for buying groceries, but will have a positive economic impact for this area of the city with the creation of more than 300 jobs.