Time to Revamp for Year-End Sales Campaign

These new year-end sales campaigns, including Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas, will not be similar to those of previous years, much less to that of 2020 in the midst of the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

With a large majority of the population already “immunized,” all consumption forecasts for these last two months of the year are very optimistic, and Hispanic retail will be no exception to all these expectations.

However, for the year-end sales campaigns, we must be perfectly aware of the current market situation, especially at the international level, where maritime logistics is experiencing one of the most severe crises in history due to the lack of cargo containers.

Without going any further, prices have multiplied up to ten times their transport value originating from Asia since 2019. Therefore, we must be very attentive to our international purchasing operations.

It is advisable to have all purchases closed and bet on a more regional market during this year-end sales campaign (the USA and Latin America). In the United States, we are also being affected by a lack of professional drivers for cargo transportation and the lack of pallets due to lumber shortages.

We would say that this is a perfect cocktail to get into certain negativity, but it is far from our intention. This year, the positives far outweigh the negatives. Therefore, by following some basic operational disciplines with our stores, we will ensure one of the most successful Christmas campaign closings in recent years.

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First, let’s take advantage of this year-end sales campaign to revamp and freshen up our store assortments.

Why continue to have all those products that spend months on our shelves without selling? It’s time to decide for our customers and not for what our suppliers deem appropriate. Remember that intelligent assortments are those that make our product shelves live with constant rotation. Our customers will appreciate it.

Offers: let’s properly plan all our promotions according to our purchasing forecasts with suppliers. Let us set realistic sales objectives by product families and limit the actions to achieve them, establishing mechanisms to measure them at the end of the campaign.

Cooperatives: although not very common in the United States, it is a good idea for grocers to join the cooperatives of the different buying and service centers available in the market.

This way, they can guarantee the supply of medium and low rotation products, which we call “assortment funds,” to complement all our customers’ offers. Consumers can do the weekly shopping for all the family’s needs in any Hispanic supermarket in our nation.

Online: keep constantly updated and with the online service available to your customers, no matter the channel you use (app, phone, web). By maintaining this service during the most demanding season of the year, fulfilling all your customers’ orders, you will significantly differ from your competition. You will continue to grow and build consumer loyalty in our Latin supermarkets during the year-end sales.

Get ready for one of the best campaigns in the last 15 years. Happy holidays and happy sales!